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$89.99 Marcy Olympic Hex Trap Bar

Woot offers Marcy Olympic Hex Trap Bar for $89.99 (orig. $108.99). Free shipping for Prime Members.

Product Description:
The Marcy Olympic Hex Trap Bar / Shrug Bar with Raised Handles - HTB-6976 is perfect for deadlifts, shrugging, farmers walk / farmers carry, and pulling. The hexagonal frame is a classic design preferred by many who use trap bars. The unique shape helps keep the weights centrally balanced.
The standard pull height handles provide ample space to adjust your grip. When the standard pull height handles are being used, the raised height handles make it easier to load / unload weight plates. If you rotate the bar, you can use the raised height handles, instead.
The HTB-6976 weighs 30lbs, is compatible with 2” diameter hole Olympic plates, and has an 8 inch long Olympic Sleeve. The maximum total weight for this shrug bar is 800lbs. Use the included Olympic spring clips to ensure your weights are secured when in use.
  • Comfortable Design: Compared to conventional Olympic barbell deadlifts, the unique design of our bar transfers weights to the sides, making squats and deadlifts safer on your back. Two sets of handles allow for varied positioning.
  • Knurled Handle for Better Grip: The Marcy Olympic Hex Trap Bar has knurling on both the regular handles and raised handles to provide a better grip on your lifts and improve efficiency.
  • Compatible with 2" Diameter Hole Olympic Plates: Use 2” diameter Olympic plates with the Marcy Olympic Hex Trap Bar. With the raised handle facing the floor, loading and unloading weight plates are easy.
  • 800lbs Capacity and 10” Sleeve for Weight Plates: Compact, but robust, the Marcy Olympic Hex Trap Bar holds a total of 800lbs that can easily fit on the 10” long Olympic sleeves.
  • Muscles Worked in a Hex Bar Deadlift: Works for your glutes, quads, hamstrings, calves, hip and back extensors, core muscles and lats.

Category: Sports & Outdoors

Posted on 17 January 2023, 04:37 AM