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BestEquip Industrial Water Chiller AC +FS

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Product Features:
  • Product Parameter: The CW-5200DG industrial water cooler chiller is 6L capacity, 12L/min max. flow, Precision: ±32.54℉/0.3℃, Cooling capacity: 1400W, 110V Voltage, and 60Hz Frequency.
  • Efficient Cooling Fan: The water cooler chiller has two professional forced air-cooled radiators, high heat dissipating capacity, and not easy to be blocked. High-speed fans inside quickly take away the heat. And the CW-5200's water inlet and outlet ports are made of anti-corrosive brass to keep from any leakage problems and extend long service life.
  • Constant & Intelligent Temperature Mode: CW-5200 series industrial chiller can be used to cool high-power lasers. Two working temperature modes are constant temperature and intelligent temperature adjustment. The smart temperature control mode can be adjusted to the corresponding water temperature as the temperature changes, and the water temperature can be automatically adjusted according to the season.
  • Various Alarm Functions: This professional industrial chiller has multiple warning protection mechanisms such as water flow alarm protection, high/low temperature alarm, compressor delay protection as well as compressor over-current protection.
  • Multiple Application: CW-5200 Series professional industrial water cooler machine is suitable for small water-cooled cooling devices requested machinery. The Industrial Water Chiller has a patent Certificate, CE, and ROHS Certificate. It is designed for cooling the one CO2 glass laser tube under 130W/150W of the laser engraving and cutting machine. Emitting rate higher than 60%.

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Posted on 03 February 2023, 01:14 PM