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Haiidoak 3.8" Tweezers 3-Pack AC +FSSS

Amazon offers Haiidoak 3.8" Tweezers 3-Pack for after code. Eligible for free super saver shipping. 

Apply Code: 51HAII15

Product Features:
  • Tweezers Set: 3 in 1 Professional tweezers set contains slant, pointed and angled tweezers. Different functional Tweezers are a handy household tool that can help with a variety of beauty and health care tasks
  • Premium Stainless Steel: Most higher-quality tweezers are made of metal. Stainless steel is a common option because it's not likely to irritate the skin, isn't prone to rust, and carries an affordable price tag. Our tweezers are supper sturdy, sharp and durable, their strong stainless-steel tips are easy to clean and reuse, without any compromise to their polish and precision
  • Multi-Use: Slant tip tweezers work well for general brow grooming and other stray hair removal. Pointed tip tweezers are the most versatile option just like removing ingrown hairs or very small or fine hairs. Angle tipped can can remove hair from the triangular area of the lower part of the eyelid. It also can be used to remove hair from other parts of the body, without harm to the skin
  • Wide Application: These tweezers works perfectly for other purposes like laboratory work, electronics repair or maintenance, beading and craftwork, beauty procedures like blackhead or hair removal etc
  • Compact Size and Travel Kit: Tweezers packed together in a plastic case, professional tweezers has an protective cap that protects the tip from becoming dull and provides safety

Category: Beauty & Personal Care

Posted on 08 February 2023, 07:10 AM