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Mituut Hidden Camera 10,000mAh Power Bank +FS

Amazon offers Mituut Hidden Camera 10,000mAh Power Bank for with free shipping.

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Product Features:
  • [All-round upgrade in 2022] MITUUT 10000 mAh hidden camera. Unlike other cheap hidden cameras on the market, we equipped it with the 3rd generation 2mm sapphire lens, which improved the imaging effect by 45% and the photosensitive area by 33%. The spy camera is very suitable for indoor and outdoor home or room security, hiking, fishing, hunting, cycling, Scouting, camping, driving, etc.
  • [Sensitive picture capture capability] Hidden spy camera provides two working modes: {continuous video shooting mode} and {motion detection mode}. We have also carefully designed the loop save video function, which can automatically cover the oldest video when the storage space of spy camera is insufficient. The hidden camera is compatible with 128G card at most, (Comes with 64G).
  • [One-button start-stop] Spy hidden camera has no cumbersome operation and confusing buttons. After selecting the motion detection mode or continuous shooting video mode, just control the start-stop or night vision function through the V key, and the hidden camera will faithfully save beautiful pictures for you. It is so simple to use the hidden camera to create video works. Spy camera is also equipped with LED light source, which can be used as an emergency flashlight when traveling outdoors.
  • [6 infrared lamps & gravity sensing] 2022 Newly upgraded night vision function. These special infrared lamps will hide well when it works, and will not be seen by the naked eye. Whether in a dark room or on the grass at night, the hidden camera always faithfully preserves the beautiful images of every frame. Spy camera is also equipped with a gravity sensing chip, which can automatically flip the picture when placed horizontally, making it easier to use without distinguishing the front and back.
  • [50-hour long continuous working time] comes from the fourth generation temperature control chip technology used by hidden cameras, and spy cameras at work hardly generate heat. Comes with card reader and cable, compatible with PC and MAC data access. If you have any question, please do not hesitate to tell me.

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Posted on 06 March 2023, 07:13 AM