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M Marsian 5-in-1 Electronic Stud Finder with LCD Display +FSSS

Amazon offers M Marsian 5-in-1 Electronic Stud Finder with LCD Display for . Eligible for free super saver shipping. 

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Product Features:
  • Reliable and Accurate Detection: TH580 stud finder can be quickly calibrated through the automatic calibration function to provide you with reliable detection; it can accurately and quickly find the edges and centers of metals, studs, pipes, and live AC wires behind walls, floors and ceilings. Help you complete tasks accurately and efficiently. Fathers Day Gifts!
  • Five Scanning Modes: M MARSIAN 5 in 1 TH580 wall scanner provides 5 scanning modes, you can switch to the corresponding mode in different scenes. The stud scan has three different depth modes: including 1⁄2" (12mm) deep, 1" (25 mm) deep and 11⁄2" (38 mm), which can be used to detect wood and metal, and the metal detection mode can detect metal up to 2.36" (60 mm) deep, the AC scan mode can detect live AC wires up to 2" (51mm) deep
  • LCD display & Sound Warning: The M MARSIAN stud finder has a large LCD screen and sound to help you obtain accurate detection results in real-time. The LCD screen makes it possible to see the detection mode, signal strength, automatic calibration, and battery indication even in the dark, with maximum readability. When you find the target, the beeping sound will alert you
  • Easy Operation: M MARSIAN Wall Scanner is very simple to use. You only need to press the mode button to the required mode according to your usage scenario and scan it flat against the wall, you can quickly find the target wood and metal studs, pipes, joists and live lines
  • Wide Use: Th580 stud finder is an excellent user-friendly tool that can be applied to various wall surfaces to meet your needs. M MARSIAN is committed to developing reliable stud detectors to make your work easier. Whether you are a professional contractor or just want to do a home renovation, the stud detector can protect you from danger and damage through precise detection

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Posted on 12 March 2023, 11:09 AM