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Verefa V60 Pro Robot Vacuum AC +FS

Amazon offers Verefa V60 Pro Robot Vacuum for after code with free shipping.

Apply Code: HTQ22CJF

Product Features:
  • 【Smart Navigation 2.0】Thanks to the upgraded smart navigation system, the V60 pro robot vacuum delivers much more effective cleaning without missed or repeated spots! Now with Verefa Gyrosense + Optical Path Sensor, and programmed with a zig-zag cleaning path, the robot vacuum cleaner cleans in tidy rows and is always on the right path.
  • 【Hands-Free Cleaning with Self-Empty System】A self-empty base provides 30 days' auto dust collection capability, freeing your hands off cleaning chores entirely. Allowing you more time to occupy yourself with stuff you love. Its short dust collection channel and strong suction power ensure 99.5% of the vacuumed dust, hair, or furs are collected to the bag, and won't get jammed.
  • 【Hardcore Clean Power】To deliver maximized clean power, Verefa designed the【2+5】Integrative Cleaning System, and empowers it with 2700Pa strong suction power, to help eliminate all dust, debris, hair, and furs from your floor. The robot is also built with a Self-adjust Brushroll System, allowing the clean head to adjust itself so that it clings tightly to the floor, to better grab trashes.
  • 【Auto Carpet Boost & Low Noisy】With Auto Boost function, the robot vacuum will automatically increase its suction power for deep cleaning, when it detects a carpet. Noise at run-time is as low as 55 dB, similar to having normal conversations. You can also set Do-not-disturb mode at bedtime to get you and your family zero disturbed.
  • 【App & Voice & Remote Control】With Verefa Life App, you can give all kinds of cleaning commands. The app also supports a map function to oversee real-time cleaning, and a bunch of customizable options, including auto-emptying frequency, appointed cleaning, dust bag alert, etc. Moreover, remote control, Alexa voice control, and physical button control are available. So versatile that everyone in the family, even kids or the elderly, can use it easily.

Category: Home & Kitchen

Posted on 15 March 2023, 07:49 AM