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Free The Quilting Bible eBook

Amazon offers The Quilting Bible eBook for Free (reg ).

Product Description:
Are You Looking to Express Your Artistic Vision Through The Beautiful Art of Quilting and…
…Create Amazing Designs That Are Also Practical and Provide A Lot Of Satisfaction At The Same Time?

Quilting is a form of art that has been around for centuries. It all started in Japan and has just recently been modernized in the western world.
What used to be a part of armor and protection for Japanese warriors is now a beautiful form of art. Many people worldwide enjoy giving and getting these pieces of art as gifts or something they can keep at home to enjoy their beauty and practicality.
And inside this book, I would like to teach you how to turn from a complete quilting beginner into a pretty advanced artist who knows what they are doing and how to put your beautiful vision into reality.

Check out what’s inside:
  • Quilting Tips and Tricks for complete newbies and half-beginners
  • What should you know about quilting even before you get started?
  • How to get the necessary tools and materials without spending a fortune?
  • 6 types of Quilting Fabrics, and which ones should you get first if you are on a tight budget?
  • Different types of quilting techniques and which one is the best for beginners
  • Project ideas according to your taste and level of skill
  • 26 types of amazing quilting projects - choose the one you resonate with the most!
  • Every quilting phase covered step-by-step and in detail – nothing will be left out!
  • So much more!

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Posted on 16 March 2023, 06:45 AM