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Kauoo H1 Ionic Blow Dryer AC +FS

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Product Features:
  • Faster Hair Drying: Kauoo H1 hair dryer dries 2 times faster than conventional hair dryers. The blow dryer is equipped with a 110,000 RPM high-speed brushless motor, which produces a much more powerful airflow to quickly remove moisture on your hair surface. It saves more time.
  • Advanced Ionic Technology: Ionic technology can moisturize your hair, tighten the cuticles, and reduce frizz. Kauoo H1 is equipped with an ion generator that releases 200 million negative ions. It will take good care of your hair, making your hair smoother and shinier.
  • Intelligent Thermo Control: Kauoo hairdryer adopts an advanced intelligent thermo-control system to avoid hair damage. The smart chip monitors the air temperature 100 times/s and makes instant adjustments to the current of the heating system, preventing overheating hair damage.
  • Portable & Low Noise: We designed a compact construction, making it lighter, smaller, and easier to use. The hair dryer itself weighs only 0.8 lb, it is ideal for handling and traveling. Plus, our airflow design reduces the noise by 30%, ensuring your family stays undisturbed.
  • Multiple Safety Protection: We placed several safety designs on Kauoo H1. The hair dryer is made of flame-retardant materials, equipped with an overheating protection control chip, and a standard US ALCI plug for leakage protection, etc. Ensure the safety of users in all aspects.

Category: Beauty & Personal Care

Posted on 17 March 2023, 03:09 PM