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Embrange Adirondack Outdoor Side Table +FS

Amazon offers Embrange Adirondack Outdoor Side Table for with free shipping.

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Product Features:
  • 【Convenient size】19"D x 15"W x 18.1"H On the basis of ensuring the usable area of the basic desktop, the rectangular design allows you to place it more freely without taking up too much space. At the same time, excellent weight bearing, can withstand 230lbs of weight, you can sit on it if you like.
  • 【Polystyrene material】Good impact resistance, high-quality environmentally friendly extruded panels will not decompose and mold, and can be recycled and reused.
  • 【5 minutes to install】With simple installation steps,the hole position is accurate, you can install it quickly and without difficulty.
  • 【Weather Resistant】It can deal with all kinds of weather well, not afraid of wind, sun, rain and snow. If you want, you can also put it in your shower room.
  • 【Easy to clean】It basically does not require any maintenance costs, you can clean it easily and efficiently, only a rag is needed.
  • 【304 high-strength stainless steel】All the screws and nuts in this table are made of high-strength 304 stainless steel. You don't have to worry about why they will rust.
  • 【With Adirondack chair】This table and Adirondack chair match like a couple. Put them together and you will find that they are extremely suitable and wonderful.
  • 【We will solve the problem for you in the fastest, most efficient and most direct way. We will not shirk our responsibilities and directly attack the problem. Your precious opinions are the accelerator of our progress.】

Category: Sports & Outdoors

Posted on 23 March 2023, 08:18 AM