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Woshion Level 2 40A EV Charger AC +FS

Amazon offers Woshion Level 2 40A EV Charger for after code with free shipping.

Apply Code: 60UEE1BI

Product Features:
  • Level 2 EV Charger 40 Amp Fast Charging Rescues You from Any Rush Hour. The Flex-AC 240 Volt electric vehicle charger has adjustable Amp from 8A up to 40A with NEMA 14-50 plug. You can rest assured knowing that 7X fast charge to 100% will save the day when your morning doesn't go to plan. Plug-in type saves you calling out an electrician to install you EVSE and easy to disassemble for house move.
  • Safety Guarantee is A Priority when Choosing Your EV Charger. Passed UL & CSA standard testings by CSA testing labs, safety reliability is much higher than other level 2 charger with built-in New intelligent sensors and NEMA 4 protection. Thicker & UL standard charging cable can completely support more current with less heat and higher safety.
  • One Key Time Schedule for Off-Peak Hours, More Post-Work Relaxation. There’ no need to schedule your EV charging station on an unreliable APP that subject to unstable Wi-Fi, simply press directly on your level 2 charger when you drive home and pack up. Kick back and relax after long day at work without needing to check at any point during the night with comprehensive fully-charged protection of the Flex-AC.
  • Moveable & Portable Size Enables Home Fast Charging. The Flex-AC EVSE level 2 charger is compact for installation saving plenty of space of your garage. Unplug it and pack in storage bag when move house. What helps you most, is to enable 40 Amp fast charging in the comfort of your home instead of waiting in line at crowded public charging station. You will have less anxiety for finding new public charging around new accommodation.
  • 2 in 1 EV Charger for the Old & New Car. Adjustable Amp of 8A/12A/16A/24A/32A/40A, satisfies the need for 16A electric car charging and also newer model cars with 40A fast charging of your future purchase plan. The 2022 New Tech smart sensors receives signal from your EV and match appropriate Amp to charge it fully and automatically stop to offer a comprehensive charging protection.

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Posted on 24 March 2023, 09:24 AM