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Car Battery Tester with Printer AC +FS

Amazon offers Car Battery Tester with Printer for after code with free shipping.

Apply Code: 40H6WR16

Product Features:
  • 【6V 12V 24V BATTERY LOAD TESTER】: BM800 is a professional battery tester with printer, it can test 6v 12v 24v car battery. It can quickly test the cold start current, internal resistance, battery life, and accurately display the battery condition. The features include Battery test, Cranking test, Charging test, Maximum load test and reverse power connection protection. After connecting a battery, you can easily know the status of the battery in a minute.
  • 【CAR BATTERY TESTER WITH PRINTER】: One key print to get the test results, make you know the condition of your car battery more convenient, let you keep a record for future reference. There are total 3 rolls of thermal paper in the box. !!!Please make sure the roller is pressed on the paper before print, otherwise it will print nothing or display blurry.
  • 【 Reverse Connection Test Available】Our battery tester support reverse connection test, Even if the positive and negative poles are reversed, it can also work normally, the battery tester will not burn out the internal circuit, which can well protect the equipment and the long-term use of the car battery.The metal alligator clips are covered with rubberized sleeve protector.Your safety is our priority.
  • 【10 MAJOR TEST STANDARDS】:Battery load tester can test CCA:100~2000; BCI:100~2000; CA:100~1700; MCA:100~2000; JIS: 26A17~245H52; DIN:100~1400; IEC:100~1400; EN:100~2000; SAE:100~2000; GB:2AH~220AH.Support off-vehicle test (No need to start the engin,only battery test), in-vehicle test (Need to start the engin,support battery, charging, startup, load test).
  • 【2.8-INCH COLOR SCREEN & REAL-TIME WAVEFORM DETECTION】:Unlike other car battery tester, our battery tester use the 2.8 inch color display, so you can more intuitive comparison data. It can also save ten waveformmonitoring records, playbak the saved waveform data, one-click clear all saved waveforn data.
  • 【SUPPORT 5 BATTERY TYPES & 11 LANGUAGE】:Can test lead-acid batteries of most cars, includes these five types of batteries: regular flooded battery, AGM flat plate battery, AGM spiral battery, GEL battery, EFB battery. With 11 language supported, you can no worry about the problem of using it.
  • 【EASY UPGRADE & BETTER AFTER-SALES】: No driver upgrade required, just copy the upgrade file to the removable disk of the device to complete the upgrade. Our tester has a one-year quality guarantee. In order for you to have a perfect shopping experience, if the product fails during use, you will be appreciated that contact us for technical support or return.

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Posted on 11 April 2023, 08:56 AM