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Vevor 6" Inline 402CFM Duct Fan AC +FS

Amazon offers Vevor 6" Inline 402CFM Duct Fan for after code with free shipping.

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Product Features:
  • Universal Applications: Take a deep breath and relax. Our inline duct fan is specially designed as an exhaust for heat, humidity, and smoke, improving airflow in air planting tents, hydroponic planting rooms, electronic equipment rooms, kitchens, basements, etc. Get ready to go with the flow.
  • Blow Your Worries Away: Our inline fan provides a sufficient airflow of 402 cfm, enough to handle wide areas of ventilation and dehumidification, maintaining clean and fresh air circulation in dry environments all the time. Take control of any environment confidentially.
  • Power in Silence: Are you tired of loud, obnoxious ducts? Well, get ready to work in silence! Our inline exhaust fan is equipped with a high-quality EC motor that ensures strong power at a low noise of 32 dB, which will not disturb your work and life. At the same time, the motor saves 30% on energy consumption, extending its service life.
  • Take It Easy: You already have a busy life. Why make it even more complicated? Your new fan not only performs excellently but also values your time! VEVOR's inline air duct fan adopts an intelligent variable speed controller that automatically adjusts the optimal air speed according to the temperature and humidity, eliminating the need for constant attention and freeing your hands for convenient use.
  • Everything You Need: To save time and costs, we provide a 6-inch inline fan with stainless steel clamps, hang-up slings, and non-vibration rubber mats and straps, allowing you to effortlessly complete installation. Additionally, you are not restricted in how you install the high-quality duct fan. Choose between hanging it or mounting it on the wall.

Category: Tools & Home Improvement

Posted on 08 May 2023, 09:22 AM