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650-Yard Golf Rangefinder AC +FS

Amazon offers 650-Yard Golf Rangefinder for after code with free shipping.

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Apply Code: TXSAEQT6

Product Features:
  • A fantastic golf gifts for men that costs under $200. We wanted to make golf range finder that actually worked but didn’t break the bank, This golf rangefinder gets the job done with no bells and whistles. It’s a nice product from a quality brand and comes in at a great price. Those who drive golf carts will be pleased about the magnetic mount on the laser rangefinders. The durable construction of the magnet grips onto the frame of your cart. and it remains there as you drive from hole to hole
  • To play the best golf you need appropriate information. This golf distance rangefinder gives you exact distances and making club selection simple and easy. There’s no danger of accidentally getting a yardage for something directly behind the flag, as the range finder will always display the distance to the closest target. Whenever a target is confirmed, the device produces a short vibration. Other than that, the pin-locking technology allows the user to lock the target precisely up to 350 yards.
  • Slope measurements will depend on the golf laser rangefinder and are usually displayed as an adjusted distance when taking into account the level of elevation. The Slope can be turned on/off for legal use in golf tournaments. The golf rangefinders come equipped with 6x magnification that can give you yardage from over 650 yards away. Measurement mode can be used to easily switch between yards and meters. Play better, perform better, and improve your accuracy with the ACEGMET golf rangefinder
  • When we talk about the optics of laser rangefinder, we’re focused on the clarity of the viewfinder and the digital display. The simpler it is displayed, the easier it is to understand. If you don’t see a clear image through the lens, you can rotate the eyepiece for superior focus. This range finder golf provides important data that can help to improve your decision making before your next shot. It comes with the trusted and powerful lithium-ion battery which can last over 30 hours
  • ACEGMET golf range finder golfing has been the choice of many golfers for reliable yardages to pins around the golf course. this lightweight compact rangefinders for golfing with great feel can fit in your pocket or carrying case. We provide a worry-free 24 months warranty and efficient customer service. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we will serve you wholeheartedly! Providing you with an enjoyable golfing experience is our quest

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Posted on 17 May 2023, 08:16 AM