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Adimo 2.8-Cu. Ft. Cabinet Safe AC +FS

Amazon offers Adimo 2.8-Cu. Ft. Cabinet Safe for after code with free shipping.

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Product Features:
  • 【Alloy Steel & 5 Live Bolts】ADIMO home security safe is made of low carbon alloy steel material for secure protection. Equip with a total of 5 unique patented solid live-locking bolts and 2.75 inches-thick door panels, providing physical protection against forced entry.
  • 【Dual Warning Alarm System】The digital safe has two ways to activate the alarm. The alarm is activated after 3 failed password attempts or a violent vibration. You open the door by entering the correct password or you can use the master key and the emergency key. This way the alarm will disappear.
  • 【Product Weight & Size】We optimized the design of the floor safe to upgrade the weight to 59 lbs! Adding to its stability and security properties, you can safely place important documents, money, and guns in your home or office since the thief can't move the safes at all. Item Dimensions: 16 x 13 x 23 inches.
  • 【Sturdy & Anti-drilling】To protect your property, the large safe box is also equipped with three large diamond bolts and a 3.01-inch thick reinforced alloy steel plate. No need to worry about forced unlocking ever again.
  • 【Three ways to unlock】In order to give higher security protection, the home safe is set up with three ways to unlock. The first one uses the master key and emergency key to open the door lock. In the second one, the master keyhole is in a horizontal position and the code unlocks the door. The third one, when the master keyhole is vertical, requires both the key and the code to unlock the door. Twist the key to the horizontal state. Then enter the code to unlock it.
  • 【Extra Built-in Cabinet】The safe is equipped with a removable compartment and a separate built-in cabinet, so you can move the compartment to place your own valuables such as cash, jewelry, and passport. The separate built-in cabinet is equipped with a special key to giving higher security protection!
  • 【LCD Digital Screen & Hidden Mode Option】Committed to providing a better user experience. The screen of this cabinet safe can provide a hidden state where you can hide your password as *** when entering. It won’t be displayed on the screen. Moreover, the screen can display time, helping you keep track of the timeline.
  • 【Emergency solution reminder】There are two emergency methods to open the safe. The first is: When the safe runs out of power, the emergency battery box can provide backup power and allow you to enter the combination. The second: The emergency key can be used with a master key to open the safe when the power runs out or you forget the combination. We have considered all possible scenarios for you. Please remember to keep your keys safe!

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Posted on 09 June 2023, 02:13 PM