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Modeling Clay Monsters Company Kids Crafts + FSSS

Amazon offers Modeling Clay Monsters Company Kids Crafts for .  Free shipping with Prime or on orders over $25.

Product Description:
  • Create Your Own World: Playing and creating with molding clay is one of the children's favorite activities. Let your child’s imagination run wild and open the endless possibilities of creating crazy characters, fantastical worlds and terrific treasures with self hardening clay. Colorful clay helps kids explore and create while playing. Kids could practice their operation skills, hand-eye coordination, and stimulate imagination through rubbing, pinching, tearing, twisting, pressing do with clay. 
  • Make durable toys: Our modeling clay for kids gives the opportunity to create figures that do not deform over time and forever retain their shape and finishing the clay art will be loved and delighted for a long time. This self drying clay hardens in the open air in a few hours and retains the wanted shape of the created figure. It's pleasant to play with bright self made clay toys. Cutie Animals craft kits are  suitable for creating decorations, souvenirs and just a long interesting game. 
  • Super easy to use: molding clay differs from others by silky and soft texture. Light modeling clay air dry does not need to be previously kneaded in the hands, it is enough to take it out of the package and start working The peculiarity of light weight clay unusual texture: it is easily molded, and after drying it hardens, keeping the shape of the figure. It does not get dirty does not crumble, does not deform and does not sink in water - can play with the figures and create small performances. 
  • High quality material & safe clay activities: Absolutely non-toxic, eco-friendly, brightly-colored craft set. Made of natural ingredients, clay stickers are stored in transparent plastic sealed bags which helps it to avoid drying too fast.  rafts clay is hypoallergenic so you don’t need to worry about any allergy reaction.  Strictly Complies with the ASTM 
  • Enjoy kid’s happiness:  Every child loves modeling with craft kits as it is a very entertaining hobby. Ideas can be the most diverse, as long as you turn on your imagination. Bring a kids magic kit on Christmas, New Year or Birthday and kids will not be able to leave it. There is a lot of light air clay and various accessories in each gift kit to make an unlimited quantity of toys and figures. You will be able to turn all your kid’s ideas into life and improve their creative skills.

Category: Babies & Kids

Posted on 23 June 2023, 06:59 AM
posted by Maggie
23 June 2023, 06:59 AM