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$212.95 Refurbished Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G 128GB Android Smartphone +FS

Ebay offers Refurbished Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G 128GB Android Smartphone for $212.95 (reg $1200) with free shipping.

Product Description:
Meet the Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G. Equipped with a first-of-its-kind 64 MP camera, this revolutionary smartphone gives you more power, speed and options for doing the things you love. Capture every moment with unparalleled camera features like Bright Night, 30x Space Zoom and Single Take AI. Boost your battery in minutes with Super Fast Charging and go for longer with an all-day intelligent battery. And enjoy the ultimate movie-viewing experience on a 6.7-inch Infinity-O display with a lightning-fast 120 Hz refresh rate..
  • Why settle with just one photo? Single Take AI utilizes each camera lens for multiple stills and videos every time you take a shot.4 It even determines the ideal lenses, effects and filters for your environment, so you capture the best of every moment, every time.
  • Take hi-res images at an incredible distance. Whether you want to zoom in from far away or magnify the details of close-up objects, the new 30x Space Zoom does so with impressive power and clarity. And you can share your shots ultra-fast using 5G.
  • Capture the world around you in true-to-life detail using a full system of high-powered, studio-quality lenses. The Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G's 64 MP camera makes it easier than ever to snap stunning portraits, beautiful landscapes and fabulous selfies.
  • Low-light conditions are a breeze for the Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G. With Bright Night, you can capture crisp, high-quality photo and video in even in the darkest environments - no flash required.
  • With Super Fast Charging, you can add hours of battery life in just minutes. An intelligent battery learns from your routine and optimizes power throughout the entire day.
  • Take in every detail on a 20:9 Dynamic AMOLED Infinity-O Display. The game-changing 120 Hz display provides lightning-fast touch response and super-smooth graphics. Now you can bring cinema-quality video wherever you go on a sleek, pocketable device.
  • The Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G gives you the power and storage capacity of a laptop on a compact and lightweight smartphone. The new Snapdragon 865 processor and 12GB LPDDR5 RAM make everything incredibly fast and efficient. Store your favorite photos, videos and apps with 128 GB or 512 GB of internal memory, and upgrade up to 1 TB more using an external microSD card.
  • Wireless PowerShare lets you transfer extra power to Samsung phones, watches, earbuds and other compatible devices. Simply turn on PowerShare and place the device on the back of your Galaxy S20+ 5G and your phone takes care of the rest.

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Posted on 02 July 2023, 12:05 PM


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