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SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 5 40mm Bluetooth Smartwatch +FS

Amazon offers SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 5 40mm Bluetooth Smartwatch for free shipping.

Product Description:
  • ADVANCED SLEEP COACHING: Manage your overall sleep quality with anadvanced sleep tracker that detects and analyzes sleep stages while yourest; Plus, Advanced Sleep Coaching helps you develop better sleephabits by analyzing your sleep patterns.Supported Application:FitnessTracker,Blood Pressure Monitor,Multisport Tracker,Time Display,GPS.Connectivity technology:Bluetooth. Wireless commstandard:Bluetooth,802_11_AGNAC
  • BODY COMPOSITION ANALYSIS (BIA): Galaxy Watch5 provides bodycomposition data right on your wrist; On your own schedule, you can nowget readings on body fat, skeletal muscle, body water, basal metabolicrate and Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • IMPROVED SENSOR ACCURACY: Stay up to date on your wellness; Get anaccurate heart rate thanks to an improved, curved Samsung BioActiveSensor that gets closer to your skin
  • AUTO WORKOUT TRACKING: Make the most of every adventure with AutoWorkout Tracking — from running to rowing to swimming — automatically injust minutes, and manually tracking more than 90 exercises, includingcomplex activities like HIIT
  • IMPROVED BATTERY and GALAXY CONNECTED EXPERIENCE: Meet the watch thatgoes as long as you do; Galaxy Watch5’s improved battery keeps up withyour busiest day Do more with synced Galaxy devices that work in perfectharmony
  • SAPPHIRE CRYSTAL GLASS: Galaxy Watch5 can stand the test of the hardestdays; Its sapphire crystal glass face is 1.6x stronger, resisting theproblems that come with life’s daily routines
  • ENHANCED GPS: Get out there; Explore the great outdoors; Now you canwander all you want and still know where you are; Galaxy Watch5 featuresenhanced GPS with voice navigation right on your wrist

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Posted on 03 July 2023, 02:32 PM