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Microfiber Spray Mops 4X Reusable Mop Pads 2X Bottles Wood Floor Mop with Spray Dry Mops , AC + FSSS

Amazon offers Microfiber Spray Mops 4X Reusable Mop Pads 2X Bottles Wood Floor Mop with Spray Dry Mops for after coupon.  Free shipping with Prime or on orders over $25.

Note:  Clip 40% coupon on the product page!

Product Description:
  • REUSABLE MOP PADS KITS -You will love the 4 spray mop pads that are washable and the different colors make it easier to change out for each room. Once a pad becomes soiled and grubby, it is simple to replace it with a clean pad from the selection supplied. With the disposable ones, you would have to go to spot multiple times and scrubbed before the spot came off. With MEXERRIS microfiber mop pads, you go over it once maybe twice and it gets the gunk off the floors.
  • Easy Assembly, Don't Soaking Floors: Microfiber floor mop comes tightly packaged in OEM box, and the handles are all separate. Spray mop just click together and wait for the click the final part just line up the holes to hear a click ,then complete assembly. Just under the top handle is a trigger which when pulled shoots a fine spray out onto the floor right in front of the mop, then you just simply push forwards into it. Misty spray, lightly dampens dirt instead of soaking your floor.
  • 2 Bottle as Backup : If you have had a similar microfibre mop in the past but what you found with that one was after a short while, the bottle started leaking badly resulting in you putting it out for the rubbish. MEXERRIS Wet mop comes with bottle (x 2) which you fill with water or a soap/floor detergent of your choice and then simply click into place.You will are pleasantly surprised to see our mop comes with a spare bottle, so if the bottle go wrong and leak, you have another one as backup.
  • 360° Swivel Mop Head: You will like the way this mop handles. The head moves in any direction you choose so it makes cleaning close to skirtings a breeze, plus getting under hard-to-reach areas is easier. There is also a scraper attachment on the handle that will allow you to scrub any stubborn marks/dirt on the floor.You’ve literally just don’t you entire lounge and kitchen in less than ten minutes, more than half the time less than you usually take - and the finish is smooth and streak free.
  • Multi-scene Use:Microfiber hardwood floor mop is well-made, and aesthetically designed. The material is hard plastic and Aluminium alloy poles. Moreover, The mop has an ergonomic handles which is great for the people with back pain problem, due to the fact that it is light weight, ,easy grip, and has a hanging option as well. You can not only use the microfiber mob for all floor types like Hardwood, Laminate Wood, Ceramic Tiles, but also can use for cleaning wall or ceilings.
  • Buy with Confidence: We’d love hear from you about our product, Regardless of positive side or negative side, we are working on doing it better! If you are not fully satisfied. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help.[Small Tip: ①Each spray mop has be spray function tested before sent,a small amount of water may remain in bottle is normal phenomenon.②Please clean the water tank and spray nozzle of the floor mop after use to keep it clean and protected.
  • MEXERRIS Tips:③Please don't fill boiling or impurity water, strong acid,alkali detergent into the bottle of the wet mop.④Please fully dilute solutions with plain water,because concentrated solutions may corrode mop internal parts or some floor types. ⑤ There are two small silicone plugs on the bottle cap of our spray mop. Please be careful not to lose them when cleaning the bottle to prevent the bottle from leaking.

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Posted on 08 July 2023, 06:17 AM
posted by Maggie
08 July 2023, 06:17 AM