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$1999 Infinity - Prelude Massage Chair - Black

1Sale offers Infinity - Prelude Massage Chair - Black for $1999.00 (orig. $3799.00)

$99.99 Delivery

The beauty of the Prelude is in its simplicity. One of the latest from Infinity, this massage chair provides a premium massage experience. Its intuitive design and sleek style make it the perfect fit for any user and any home or office. This massage chair offers, Zero Gravity, Decompression Stretch, Spinal Correction, Lumbar Heat, Four-wheel Massage Mechanism, Rolling Foot Massagers and Adjustable Air Massage Intensity.

Zero Gravity

The most beneficial position with the least amount of pressure on your spine for the ideal massage.


Lumbar Heat

Heat on lower back

Four Wheel Massage Mechanism

Rollers run up and down to provide deep tissue massage along your back.

Foot Rollers

Foot rollers for reflexolgy

Full Body Air Bag Compression

Air bags ecompass all parts of the body to give compression therapy and increase blood flow.

Adjustable Massage Intensity

Able to increase and decrease air bag intensity.

S Track Massage Chair

Massage with a roller mechansim from your neck to tailbone

2d Massage Mechanism

The rollers are able to massage up/down and side to side.

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Posted on 18 July 2023, 03:08 PM
1Sale Deals
posted by 1Sale Deals
18 July 2023, 03:08 PM