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VentaPak Lightweight Ventilation Backpack Spacer +FS

Amazon offers VentaPak Lightweight Ventilation Backpack Spacer for free shipping.

Product Description:
  • Lightweight spring steel frame with reinforced aluminum, soft neoprene encasement, large holed hexagonal mesh.
  • Imported
  • We have listened to our customer feedback on quality issues and now ALL NEW VENTAPAK PURCHASES WILL HAVE A REINFORCED HIGHLY DURABLE FRAME (wrapped with an aluminum sheet) and MUCH STRONGER DURAFLEX BUCKLES. Show up to your destination DRYER - Ventapak REDUCES SWEAT and HEAT creates true space and INCREASED AIRFLOW between your back and your backpack, constant ventilation which reduces heat build up and in turn sweat (sweat guard). Arrive with no more annoying sweat marks and/or stinky backpack
  • THE INNOVATIVE VENTAPAK CREATES A COMFORTABLE VENTILATED SPACE FOR YOUR BACKPACKS (Small or standard sized backpacks) – Keep your favourite backpack and make it better. Enjoy biking, commuting or hiking outdoors with a comfortable backpack spacer. Arrive cool, without back strain. The lightweight (~12 oz!) external frame mesh backpack attachment has an original design to promote maximum airflow to keep your back cool and reduce sweat. Ideal for yourself and/or great as gift!!!
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE 2 YEAR WARRANTY - THE VENTAPAK IS IDEAL FOR HIKING, CYCLING, CAMPING, and TRAVEL - Whether you need a commuter bike backpack, hike backpack, running backpack, or just looking for a more comfortable option than your regular backpack, the VentaPak is a great solution. Also ideal for cycle delivery drivers for Deliveroo, Uber Eats, DoorDash etc.
  • IMPROVES POSTURE; PREVENTS AND ALLEVIATES BACK STRAIN AND PAIN - The VentaPak makes your backpack shoulder strap approach more horizontally vs. pressing downward. This makes it gently tug your shoulders back and with the mesh arch supporting your lower back, improves posture and ergonomics. You will love how the weight of the load is distributed evenly reducing back tension and strain and non-flat objects digging into your back. Your pack will also sway and bump less.
  • EASY TO ATTACH, ADJUST, DETACH and CLEAN for MAXIMUM VERSATILITY - You can adjust mesh tension and distance between your pack and back using the vertical straps and buckles. Although it fits almost any standard backpack, the VentaPak works best for backpacks that are at least 8 inches wide and 14-19 inches in height. Need a rest? The VentaPak is easy to detach and makes a great portable travel head hammock/ pillow. Use it on a hot day for portable cooling and lumbar support.

Category: Sports & Outdoors

Posted on 01 August 2023, 04:50 PM