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Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight +FS

Amazon offers Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight for (Reg $56.99) with free shipping.

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Product Features:
  • 【2023 DSSTOC NEW SUPER BRIGHT RECHARGEABLE LED FLASHLIGHT】Dsstoc LK360 Ultra LED Flashlight built-in 36 high lumen flashlight LED chips, U1. More flashlight high lumens chips than ordinary LED flashlights can produce an ultra-high output of 250,000 lumens, 30 times brighter than ordinary LED flashlights. The LK360 rechargeable flashlight can reach a maximum irradiation distance of 4000 feet, or easily illuminate a wide area of 3000 square feet. Let you no longer fear your dark night!
  • 【POWERFUL BATTERY, LONGER LASTING THAN YOU THINK】LK360 Ultra LED Flashlight uses 8000mAh ultra-large capacity battery. This allows this powerful high lumen flashlight to work continuously for 6 hours on high mode and over 24 hours on low mode! The powerful battery of the LK360 Ultra super bright flashlight is durable and safe. You don't have to worry about over-discharging, over-charging, etc., and it has short-circuit protection, so you won't have any accidents when using the flashlight.
  • 【5 MODES, EASY TO MASTER】Multifunctional rechargeable flashlight has 5 light modes. High light has shocking brightness to dispel the darkness for you. Low light has soft bright light, and more than 24h of use time. Medium lighht balances the first two, with excellent brightness and enough usage time. Strobe mode sends out a quick flash light to knock back threats. The SOS mode can send a standard SOS signal, you can ask someone far away for help when you are in trouble.
  • 【ZOOMABLE ADJUSTMENT, CLEAR FAR AND BRIGHT NEAR】LK360 Ultra flashlight has an excellent zoom function. Zoom out the brightest LED flashlights and switch to spotlight mode. providing you with a lighting distance of about 4000ft, allowing you to clearly see the distant scenery. zoom in the brightest LED flashlights and switch to floodlight mode, providing you with about 3000 ft² Large lighting area, suitable for camp lighting or Wide range of searches.
  • 【TYPE-C FAST CHARGING, SAVE YOUR TIME】LK360 Ultra high lumen flashlight adopts the most widely used Type-C fast charging interface. Except for the Type-C cable included in our package, your other Type-C cables are also suitable. Easily recharge your multifunctional rechargeable flashlight anytime, anywhere. It can fully charge your tactical high lumens flashlight in 4 hours, saving you time, and provide you with durable working time.
  • 【EMERGENCY CHARGING, RESTORING POWER】The powerful LK360 Ultra handheld flashlight has reverse charging technology. This heavy duty emergency flashlight can be used as an emergency power bank to charge your mobile phone and other electronic devices, helping you a lot in critical moments. Safe USB flashlight reverse charging function will not damage your phone.
  • 【IP65 WATERPROOF FLASHLIGHTS】LK360 Ultra waterproof flashlight uses thickened sealing ring, compact body with IP65 waterproof grade. This super bright flashlight will not be invaded by dust, and water spraying at any angle will not affect the use. This powerful emergency flashlight can be used normally in heavy rain, snowstorm or other severe weather and environment, and will not be affected by the weather and cannot work.
  • 【EXPLOSION-PROOF ALUMINUM ALLOY】The rechargeable LED flashlight is made of solid and durable high-strength explosion-proof aluminum alloy, the surface layer adopts electroplating coating technology. Protect your heavy duty flashlight from scratches, corrosion, rust, and damage. The explosion-proof and safety characteristics of aluminum alloy make it suitable for gas stations, power stations, chemical plants, airports, warehouses, gas plants and other working environments.
  • 【DSSTOC LIFETIME BRAND SERVICE】 DSSTOC provides lifelong premium service, no reason to return and exchange, and 24-hour professional after-sales service. Please feel free to tell us your questions through Amazon, 100% perfect service! Worthy of your more trust!

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Posted on 11 August 2023, 01:29 PM