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Cervical Memory Foam Pillow AC +FS

Amazon offers Cervical Memory Foam Pillow for after code with free shipping.

Apply Code: 65VVX2N3

Product Features:
  • REDUCE NECK & BACK PAIN-Do you wake up with a stiff neck and sore shoulders? Our memory foam pillow is designed to alleviate these common sleep issues by providing proper neck and head support. The unique contour design conforms to your head and neck, reducing pressure points and promoting proper spinal alignment. Say goodbye to neck and shoulder pain!
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN-Ergonomically designed neck pillows can help provide optimal support for the head, neck, and shoulders, evenly distributing important pressure points to reduce head pressure. This contour pillow also allows us to sleep in a comfortable position, ensuring the airway is unobstructed, waking up feeling rested and refreshed is much easier with a pillow designed to support the body in its natural position.
  • SUITABLE FOR DIFFERENT SLEEPING POSTURES - Do you like to sleep on your side? Or maybe you prefer sleeping on your back or stomach? No problem! The Teal Home memory foam pillow is perfect for every sleeping posture. It will support your head and neck in whatever position you choose, giving you the best possible night's sleep.
  • SAFE AND ODORLESS MEMORY FOAM - Worried about safety standards? So are we! That's why our memory foam is 100% safe and odorless. You'll never have to worry about chemical smell or off-gassing with this pillow. Buy with confidence knowing that your health is our top priority.
  • TWO Heights - Design For Back & Side Sleeping: Size 23.6*15.7*(3.5-4.3) inches, Back sleepers with cervical issues can sleep on the higher side (4.3inches) of the pillow with two horns as this side provides better support for the head and cervical, to keeps your neck correctly aligned with the rest of your body. All the other back/side sleepers can sleep on the lower side (4.3 inches).
  • WHAT YOU GET - A 100% memory foam pillow measuring 23.6*15.7*(4.3-3.5) inches. The pillowcase of this pillow is durable, breathable, and machine washable. Friendly customer service.
  • GREAT GIFT CHOICE - This neck support pillow is the perfect gift for anyone who wants a more comfortable and restful sleep. It's ergonomic design makes it ideal for people with neck and shoulder pain, making it the perfect solution for a better night's sleep.

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Posted on 18 August 2023, 08:56 AM