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YZLighter Cocktail Smoker Kit +FSSS

Amazon offers YZLighter Cocktail Smoker Kit for . Eligible for free super saver shipping. 

Product Features:
  • ALL-IN-ONE KIT: Our old fashioned smoker kit contains all the essential products for making a perfect smoked cocktail. This cocktail smoker kit includes a high-quality culinary torch, a Sabri wooden cocktail top smoker,1PCS 55MM round staninless steel chilling stone, 3PCS 50MM*27MM stainless steel whiskey ice footballs,4 different flavored wood chips of Apple, Cherry, Hickory and Oak. It is an affordable option while providing everything you need to smoke your bourbon whiskey and more.
  • EXCEPTIONAL AND UNIQUE GIFTS: Our bourbon smoker kit is a classic and handmade gift set. It is a perfect ideal gift for men, dad, husband, wife, Father,other bourbon whiskey enthusiast of any age, or anyone who loves craft cocktails and entertaining. They can enjoy a refreshing glass anytime and anywhere in their heart desires! They will recreat the authentic cocktail experience with this cocktail smoker kit gift.
  • QUICK AND EASY TO USE: This old fashioned cocktail kit makes the smoked drink much simpler. Make your cocktail in the rocks glass, place the cocktail smoke stack on top of glass, fill the chimney stack with a pinch of wood chips and hit them with a flame by the torch lighter, then put the lid on top, let sit for 5-10s(depending on desired amount of smoke). Once the lid is in place, dense, voluminous smoke will fill glass and impart rich flavor in just 10 seconds. Now remove topper and enjoy!
  • CREATE A UNIQUE & SOPHISTICATED DRINKING EXPERIENCE: YZLighter cocktail smoker kit uses smoke to add a new flavor profile to cocktails. Enhance flavors and impress guests with our complete drink smoker kit. Try it with your whiskey or bourbon neat,old fashioned,manhattan,and much more. With this cocktail smoker for drinks, you will have a beautiful service piece to give drinks and spirits the lightest touch of smoke that adds aroma, flavor, and a fancy presentation like a word-class bartender.
  • MULTI AND WIDE USE: Whiskey smoker is suitable for DIY, you can make natural flavored drinks according to your own taste, also infuse wood flavors wine, meats, cheese, dried fruits, BBQ and more! Furthermore smoke infuser allow you to create the perfect mood for any occasions include kitchen, bar, or outdoor use like picnic, hiking, fishing and so on.

Category: Sports & Outdoors

Posted on 28 August 2023, 10:21 AM