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Safe Box BOFON 2.1Cubic feet AC +FS

Amazon offers Safe Box BOFON 2.1Cubic feet for after coupon free shipping.

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Product Description:
  • Fingerprint: Fast and secure verification. Keeps learning more about your fingerprint. Adapting to your changing finger conditions. Digital touchscreen numeric keypad: Light up and easy to operate in darkness. Anti-peek function. Backup Key & Backup Battery Box
  • Quick Access: Just one touch of your finger, door will open automatically with reliable motorized mechanism, it’s simple as that. Offering quick access security solutions for the home and office.
  • Biometric safe. Ergonomic Keypad Design.Sensitive biometric lock and automatic opening door gives.
  • Solid & large locking bolts. Enforced door frame part. Fully carpeted interior. Anchoring holes. Fingerprint input. Touchscreen keypad. Automatic opening & locking door. Backup keys. Backup battery port.
  • It can work properly in various environments. High-low temperature test. Humidity & Salt Spray test. Instantaneous high voltage test.Fully carpeted interior Provide protection from scratch.
  • Note: the new safe has a new fingerprint reader. Its program is blank. You can open the safe with any fingerprint. Please input your fingerprint as soon as you receive the safe, so that other fingerprints that have not been entered can not open the safe.

Category: Home & Kitchen

Posted on 11 September 2023, 03:25 PM