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$79.99 Polsen RM-800 Large-Diaphragm Condenser Microphone (Black) +FS

1Sale offers Polsen RM-800 Large-Diaphragm Condenser Microphone (Black) for $79.99 (orig. $149.99) +Free Shipping

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 The black Polsen RM-800 is a large-diaphragm, side-address, cardioid condenser microphone that's designed for exacting capture of speech, vocals, and instruments in professional, project, and home recording studios. The sleek RM-800 microphone will add as much style to your studio as it does high-end audio. Not only is it stylishly designed, but it's constructed with a metal housing for rugged durability.

It features a large and highly sensitive 1.4" gold-plated diaphragm that captures sources with detailed accuracy. The high SPL capacity, low noise, and wide dynamic range meet the demands for clear and natural sound in both commercial and personal studios. If you're working in an acoustically untreated room or performing on stage, the RM-800's cardioid polar pattern picks up sound directly in front of the microphone while it rejects off-axis sound to help eliminate noise.

Room and ambient noise are minimized by the selectable high-pass filter, and the selectable -10 dB pad allows the microphone to maintain pure sound quality when recording loud sound sources up to 155 dB SPL. To further ensure clean vocals, the RM-800 includes a shockmount to eliminate vibrations, a custom metal pop screen to minimize disruptive vocal plosives, a reducer bushing to fit any mic stand, and a carrying case to protect the mic during transport and storage.

For Professional and Project Studios

Whether you record in a pro or project studio, the RM-800 sets up quickly and captures rich and accurate sound for your instruments, vocals, and broadcasts. This mic is a great option for dialogue and vocals, and it will also capture the subtleties and nuances of the musical instruments you bring into the studio.

Large Gold-Plated Diaphragm

Large-diaphragm condensers are the go-to studio vocal mics for engineers and producers around the world. The RM-800's large, 1.4" diaphragm captures lush and rich sound with ample low frequencies that make your voice sound full and detailed. Gold plating enhances the diaphragm's conductivity for a wide frequency response and accurate sound.

High SPL

If you're a singer who likes to belt it out, the RM-800 can handle your volume. You won't have to step back from the microphone and risk losing some of those wonderful lower frequencies that add richness to your vocals. Trumpeters and saxophonists can move close to the microphone too, so you don't have to listen to a lot of room ambience in your tracks.

Wide Frequency Response

The RM-800's wide frequency response translates into the mic's ability to accurately capture the full character and nuances of voices and instruments alike.

High-Pass Filter

The high-pass filter can mitigate rumble, over-powering proximity effect, and the frustrating problem of ambient low-frequency noise from air conditioners, fans, and overhead lights. The high-pass filter is ideal for recording in acoustically untreated rooms and is also great for studio recording.

-10 dB Pad

When loud sounds threaten to distort your recording, you need a simple solution. The selectable -10 dB pad allows the microphone to maintain pure sound quality for sources up to 155 dB SPL. Great for when you place the mic in front of a guitar cabinet or recording a hardcore screamer, switch on the pad to record the true sound without peaking.

Custom Shockmount

There's no telling what noise your mic is going to pick up until you plug it in. Even minute vibrations can travel up the mic stand and create noise. The custom low-profile shockmount cradles the base of the microphone and eliminates the noise from those unwanted vibrations.

Custom Metal Pop Screen

When singers and VO (voice-over) talent move close to the microphone to get warm intimate sounds and a dash of proximity effect, your tracks may be littered with plosives if you don't have a pop screen in front of the mic. The RM-800's custom metal pop screen minimizes the small explosions from "p" and "b" sounds while it protects the microphone capsule from moisture.

Stylish Design

There's no rule that great-sounding microphones can't have a little style. The stylish form of the RM-800 gives it a little visual flair. Don't let the interesting design fool you; this is a durable microphone with a rugged aluminum alloy body that's capable of withstanding travel as well as demanding studio use.

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Posted on 14 September 2023, 03:08 PM
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14 September 2023, 03:08 PM