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Amazon offers YITAMOTOR Floor Mats for after coupon free shipping.

Clip $20 Off Coupon

Product Description:
  • Custom Fit: These floor mats are compatible with 2020-2024 Tesla Model Y(5 Seater), not for vehicles with vinyl floors. 3D laser scanningtechnology gives full protection to both the front and back. Pleaseremove old floor mats before installing new ones.
  • SAFE and DURABLE: YITAMOTOR model y floor mats are made with non-toxicand odorless TPE material, ensuring 100% safety even in extreme hotweather. The product contains no latex, cadmium, lead, or any harmfulPVC’s. High tensity TPE material not only provides a superb feel andextreme wear-resistance, but also remains flexible in even the harshestcold weather.
  • ALL WEATHER PROTECTION and NON-SLIPPERY: The unique designed channelsand raised edge can effectively trap liquids, snow, and sand to keepyour car and shoes clean. Even in wet conditions, the hooks caneffectively prevent the mats from slipping. The mats are available forchildren and the elderly.
  • Easy To Clean: The textured skid-resistant surface of model y allweather floor mats is easily cleaned. Neither cumbersome vacuum cleanersnor harsh chemicals are needed; simply shake them out or spray themdown with a hose.
  • Why Choose Yitamotor: Our floor mats are processed with advancedtechnology, rendering tailored protection and all-weather guard to yourvehicle.

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Posted on 09 January 2024, 03:57 PM