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$49.99 Polsen XP-2 2-Channel Microphone Signal Booster +FS

1Sale offers Polsen XP-2 2-Channel Microphone Signal Booster for $49.99 (orig. $89.99) +Free Shipping

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 Ideal for studio or stage use, the XP-2 Microphone Signal Booster from Polsen is a two-channel mic booster that safely adds up to 25 dB of clean, transparent gain for passive dynamic and ribbon mics. Running on simple 48V phantom power provided by most interfaces and mixers, the XP-2 can even provide a boost for powered condensers, delivering an excellent solution for noise-free signals over long cable runs, avoidance of noisy preamps when tracking quiet instruments, and an improved signal-to-noise ratio without excessive coloration.

The XP-2 features two locking XLRM and XLRF connectors for its I/O, offering solid, interference-free connections that resist accidental tugs on a cable in studio and live environments. The XP-2 is compact, making it easy to transport to the next gig or venue. Constructed from rugged steel, the XP-2 is engineered to withstand impacts during the most rigorous of applications.

Runs on Phantom Power

Any device that can provide 48V of phantom power is compatible with the XP-2. Without adding any extra gear, your dynamic mic will get a 25 dB signal boost.

But the booster doesn't pass along phantom power, so it's perfectly safe to use with delicate ribbon microphones. Battery-powered microphones and mics with their own power supply are also compatible with this signal booster.

XLR Input and Output

Balanced 3-pin XLR connectors ensure clean and interference-free sound, even with long cable runs. This ensures that mic cables that run past lighting equipment, or up the aisle to the back of the house, won't pick up interference or noise.

Locking XLR Connectors

A plug that's accidentally disconnected can bring a concert or recording session to its knees. The XLR locking connectors won't disconnect due to cable strain or pulls in touring and studio applications.

Studio and Live Sound

The XP-2 couldn't be simpler to use, but you'll immediately hear the difference once it's connected. Put it in-line between your mics and the mixing board or preamplifier, and you'll reap the advantages, whether the booster is on stage or in an equipment rack.

Rugged Steel Construction

The XP-2 is made for professional use in concert venues, recording studios, offices, and even at home. Steel housing protects the booster from bumps and bangs during transport, on stage, or in crowded areas.

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Posted on 17 January 2024, 08:08 AM
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posted by 1Sale Deals
17 January 2024, 08:08 AM