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RUERTU Digital Notebook Tablet with Pen 10.3-inch AC +FS

Amazon offers RUERTU Digital Notebook Tablet with Pen 10.3-inch for after code free shipping.

Apply Code: 7UKJWJJT

Product Description:
  • 【Larger Memory Space】 The writing tablet has a running memory capacity of 6GB. Compared to tablets with 4G of memory, tablets with 6GB of memory can load applications faster, run multiple applications more smoothly, and perform multitasking simultaneously.
  • 【High Definition & Eye Protection】 Using e ink screen display technology, writing notes during meetings feels like they are on paper, while reading without damaging the eyes, alleviating eye fatigue caused by long hours of work
  • 【Meeting Minutes are Not Afraid of Omissions】 The digital notebook can achieve listening/speaking/transferring/writing/recording, inserting meeting notes into recordings, transcribing them into text in real-time, and organizing them into meeting record templates. Meantime, there is a one click screen projection function, which can project the reading content onto conference display screen.
  • 【Improve Your Focus】 Unlike entertainment tablets, paper tablet do not have various information notifications, pop-up windows, or social media, so you can increase your focus to do your job well
  • 【Handwriting Conversion is More Aesthetically Pleasing】 Convert text written with a stylus into aesthetically pleasing documents and share them via email. Equipped with lock screen and document locking, fully protecting the security of your files
  • 【ICloud Storage Expands Memory】Enjoy unlimited cloud storage and seamless notes synchronization in our applications. Your notes will always be securely stored in RUERTU cloud storage and immediately accessible from other smart devices. Support for external OTG expansion and Bluetooth wireless connection
  • 【Package & Guarantee】 You can get 1 * E Ink Tablet, 1 * Protective Case, 1 * Charging Cable, 1 * User Manual. And we provide a 12-Month warranty for this tablet if there is any quality problem.

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Posted on 22 January 2024, 12:06 PM