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YIBO85 S3 Snap Hook Portable Power Bank AC

Amazon offers YIBO85 S3 Snap Hook Portable Power Bank for after code free shipping with Amazon Prime.

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Product Description:
  • 【Built-in Charging Cable for iPhone/ Type-C Devices】This snap hookportable iWatch power bank comes with two built-in charging cables,making it extremely convenient to charge your iWatch/iPhone/Air Pods/Type-C Devices anytime, anywhere. No need to carry an extra cable orworry about losing it.
  • 【Input & Output Type-C Charging Cable】The power bank is equippedwith a Type-C charging port, which allows you to recharge the power bankitself. Additionally, the included Type-C cable can be used to chargefor other Type-C devices, making it a versatile charging solution.
  • 【5000mAh Capacity for Emergency Use】With a capacity of 5000mAh, thispower bank is perfect for emergency situations when your iWatch or otherdevices run out of battery. It provides enough power to charge youriWatch 3-4 times, ensuring you stay connected and never miss importantnotifications.
  • 【Snap Hook Design for Easy Carrying】The power bank features a snap hookdesign, allowing you to easily attach it to your bag, keychain, or beltloop. This makes it highly portable and ensures that you always have areliable power source for your iPhone/iWatch/Air Pods Pro wherever yougo. Note: The snap hook for power bank use only. Not for climbing.
  • 【Type-C port】The Type-C port of this power bank supports imput ONLY tocharge for the power bank. Not for charger other devices.
  • 【Wide Compatibility】This power bank is compatible with iWatch8/Ultra/7/6/Se/5/4/3/2, iPhone 14/13/12/11, and Type-C smartphones.Whether you have an iWatch, iPhone, or a Type-C device, you can rely onthis power bank to keep your devices charged and ready to use.

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Posted on 27 January 2024, 08:35 AM