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16.53" Lazy Susan Turntable +FSSS

Amazon offers 16.53" Lazy Susan Turntable for . Eligible for free super saver shipping.

Product Features:
  • Sliding Fridge Lazy Susan: The first lazy susan for refrigerator with a sliding mechanism that allows for switching between "lock" and "rotate". Slide out and rotate 360°, locked into a normal tray when not in use to prevent children from playing with it, causing messes.
  • Best Use of Space: Our lazy susan turntable for cabinet has a small turning radius and can move forward allowing room for items sitting behind the turntable organizer. Help to see and reach items on the top shelf, especially for shorter family members.
  • Say Goodbye to Food Wasting: Our refrigerator lazy susan pulls out and spins 360°, giving you a sweeping view of the inside items, no need to move a bunch of bottles and jars, just turn to get food faster and minimize food waste, food doesn't get left in the back of the fridge.
  • Fit In Most Fridges: Measuring L16.53 x W11 x H1.57 inches, this rectangle lazy susan for refrigerator is perfectly sized and versatile for cabinet, pantry, dining table and kitchen countertop, holds up to 17.6 pounds of items, far more than the typical round lazy susan organizer
  • Easy to Install & Clean: This clear lazy susan organizer for cabinet can be set up in seconds. Attach the suction cups to hold the lazy susan in place, and you're good to go confidently. Easy to clean by simply removing the suction cups effortlessly
  • Sturdy Durable Acrylic: This rectangular lazy susan fridge organizer is made from sturdy and durable clear acrylic, as well as safe PET materials, allowing for easy visibility to find items inside and preserving the original flavor and taste of food without any lingering smells
  • A Must-Have Addition to the Kitchen: This clear acrylic large lazy susan will revolutionize your refrigerator organization. Whether you are a busy housewife or a chef, this lazy susan turntable will bring convenience and take your life to a new level. Come and unlock more!

Category: Home & Kitchen

Posted on 29 January 2024, 10:06 AM