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2-Piece Cable Management Box +FS

Amazon offers 2-Piece Cable Management Box for with free shipping.

Note: Clip the extra coupon on the product page

Product Features:
  • Versatile Combination: Our cord organizer includes two different size cable management boxes, with the larger one measuring 15.7 in L×5.8 in W×5.2 in H and the medium one at 12.5 in L×5.1in W×5.0 in H, meeting the needs of various occasions and spaces. Easily adapt to living rooms, offices, nightstands, kitchens, etc. For organizing and concealing messy wires and power strips, maintaining a neat environment.
  • Designed for Safety: With family and office safety in mind, our cable organizer boxes prevent children and pets from directly touching electrical wires, reducing the risk of electric shock. The sturdy and durable cord organizer boxes also prevent accidental contact with water or other liquids on power strips, providing an extra layer of security for your home and office surroundings.
  • High-Quality Materials and Versatile Colors: Our cable boxes are Made from premium, durable materials that are easy to clean, our cable organizer come in classic black and white, offering stylish yet functional color options that blend seamlessly with any interior decor.
  • Streamlined and Tidy Space: Say goodbye to cluttered cables.The cord hider not only organize wires neatly but also neatly arrange and house power strips. Designed with aesthetics and functionality in mind, they become part of the interior decor rather than an eyesore.
  • Easy and Convenient Experience: The cord organizer for desk feature a simple opening mechanism for quick and easy placement or swapping of power strips and cables. There’s no need to worry about the vacuum cleaner tangling with wires during cleaning, ensuring a truly hassle-free experience while maintaining the good working condition of devices.

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Posted on 02 February 2024, 08:39 AM