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Curved Digital LED Clock AC +FSSS

Amazon offers Curved Digital LED Clock for after code. Eligible for free super saver shipping.

Apply Code: CLOCK118
Product Features:
  • LARGE & CLEAR LED DISPLAY WITH 5 DIMMER +OFF -- If you wearglasses, you may want a digital clock with a large display. If you’relight-sensitive, you may look for a bedside clock with a full range ofdimming options. This unique alarm clock has it all and meets all yourexpectations for display. We listened to your feedback and improved themaximum brightness in the new version. 5 Levels brightness+off allowsyou to adjust the display from bright to invisible.
  • 3 ALARM TONES AND 2 ALARM VOLUMES - Different people have differentneeds regarding alarm sound and volume, so controlling the sound andvolume is really important. Our digital alarm clock for the bedroom has 2levels of alarm volume adjustment that can be set from 75-85dB. Youdon't need to worry that the alarm sound is too loud and scares you, ortoo low to wake you from deep sleep. There are 3 fixed ringing musicsounds (Birdsongs, Beep, and Chording) that you can choose from.
  • 9 MINUTES‘ SNOOZE TIME -- Are you uneasy getting up from your bed? Thesnooze button at the top of the bedside clock has a raised horizontalline for quick positioning, easy and simple to operate without gettingyour eyes open when sleepy. For a basic alarm clock for home use, thisis enough. Please note: **There is a 6:00 alarm by default when youfirst power it, if you don't need it, please switch to the mute key**
  • MEMORY FUNCTION AND 12/24 MODE- For this alarm clock for bedroom, youhave the choice between standard time or military time to satisfy yourreading time habits. The battery feature works for memorizing thesettings in the case of the main power outage. During the batterybackup, the screen will go blank and the alarm will not sound, but theclock will display the correct time once power is restored. Please notethat this clock is only powered by plugging into the USB port.
  • THE UNIQUE CURVED DESIGN MAKES IT AN IDEAL GIFT--This alarm clock iscapable of blending into your interior décor. Designed with versatilityin mind, the elegant curve of the clock face, combined with eye-catchingblue LED numbers, can create a striking appearance that captures therhythm of time itself. The stylish bedside clock would be an excellentchoice as a gift for anyone, and it is suitable for any festival.

Category: Home & Kitchen

Posted on 05 February 2024, 06:37 AM