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Vermonga 11" Frying Pan and 2-Quart Saucepan +FS

Amazon offers Vermonga 11" Frying Pan and 2-Quart Saucepan for with free shipping.

Product Features:
  • 【11 inch Granite Non Stick Coating Frying Pan Skillet】What Is A Good nonstick Pan? Non-stick performance is the key. Compared to other ordinary non-stick pans, VERMONGA's nonstick set adds 4 layers of non-stick coating, which means that the frying pans can better demonstrate long-lasting non-stick. Less oil or butter for cooking will release the food easily. Ideal for every cooking master.
  • 【Hign Standard Handy Saucepan】The Vermonga 2-quart saucepan features a high-performance non-stick granite stone coating. This coating is not only highly efficient but also environmentally friendly, being free of PFOS and PFOA. The saucepan is meticulously crafted from top-rated cast aluminum for outstanding durability and performance.
  • 【Stove Agnostic】Both of our frying pan and saucepan are compatible with a wide range of cooking appliances and they are suitable to use in all kitchens. They're designed to work seamlessly on all types of stove tops, including induction, electric, halogen, ceramic, and gas stoves. However, please note that they are not suitable for use in microwave ovens.
  • 【Truly Non-Stick & Easy to Clean】Cleaning is a breeze with the genuinely non-stick surface, which is exceptionally smooth and non-porous. Wiping both pans with a kitchen towel is all it takes to keep them spotless. More importantly, the non-toxic, PTFE, and PFOA-free coating ensures both seamless cooking and the safety of your food. The Vermonga frying pan and saucepan are the ultimate kitchen companions for all your cooking needs.
  • 【Ergonomic Design with Emulated Wooden Handle】The Vermonga frying pan and saucepan boast a thoughtfully designed, emulated wooden handle that enhances both comfort, aesthetic appealing and functionality. The handles not only allows for a comfortable grip but also maintains a cool temperature during cooking due to its excellent heat resistance. Our cookware are built to enhance your cooking experience to the next level!

Category: Home & Kitchen

Posted on 11 February 2024, 09:39 AM