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$169.99 bObsweep - Austin, PetHair SLAM Robot Vacuum - Espresso +FS

Bestbuy offers bObsweep - Austin, PetHair SLAM Robot Vacuum - Espresso for $169.99 (orig. $509) with free shipping.

Product Description:
With his software engineered entirely in the U.S. and Canada, Austin is equipped with Quantum Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (QSLAM), and pioneers Real-Time Computing (RTC) in robot vacuums. Austin respects your privacy: never does he send images anywhere—servers, cloud or otherwise—be it of your room layout or your cleaning habits. Austin boots in just 6 seconds—faster than any robot vacuum with LiDar—and identifies rooms at first glance, without wasting your time with an exploration session. Enjoy a detailed and color-coded map, and feel free to practice your drawing skills: use the app to draw any shape of NoSweep Zones or working areas when necessary or when bored, and Austin will follow. Use Alexa or Google to boss Austin around, or schedule a customized cleaning plan to send him to any area, at the time you choose. Austin’s quality build is backed by his unmatched 2-year warranty that also covers labor and battery. 
  • Pet hair, don’t care
    With TurboLift technology and adjustable suction settings, Austin is specially designed to collect everything from the toughest pet hair to the lightest dust bunny.
  • Large and in charge
    600 mL dustbin is among the largest you can get. Austin holds more, so you work less.
  • App, no mishap
    Smooth, clean, refreshing. Exactly what you expect it to be. Supports Bluetooth fast Wi-Fi pairing.
  • Devise your clean
    Edit, personalize, and customize Austin’s cleaning map. Draw any shape of cleaning areas or NoSweep zones, enable Room-to-Room cleaning, and more. Alexa and Google Home enabled.
  • Double the power
    Main brush and twin side brushes spin in tandem to tackle large scraps, dust, and hair collected along baseboards and in the corners.
  • Not Afraid of the Dark
    Austin’s edge detection can be paused via the app, so he braves over dark surfaces that other robots may avoid.
  • Unparalleled cruising
    No training run or exploration session needed; Austin maps on the fly, while his proprietary SLAM technology keeps track of his location, and plans a thorough coverage of the area.
  • Unbreakable confidence
    Austin’s industry-leading warranty is 24-months, includes labor, and covers the battery too.

Category: Home & Kitchen

Posted on 14 February 2024, 04:09 AM