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GoveeLife Smart Space Heater AC

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Product Description:
  • Smart Upgraded Thermostat: The built-in sensor supports a basicthermostat function. Link with a GoveeLife Thermo-Hygrometer toaccurately reflect the ambient temperature without manual adjustmentsvia AutoReflect. Thermo-hygrometer not included.
  • Remotely Control via App & Voice: Connecting with 2.4GHz WiFi(No 5Gsupport), turn on the space heater for preheating in advance via smartapp while you're on your way home. You can also set the heatingtemperature by voice control. Compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant,and IFTTT.
  • 2s Fast & Powerful Warmth: The small heater with energy-efficient1500W PTC ceramic heating technology rapidly heats a 200ft² area.Equipped with 1200W or 900W low heating mode and one cool air fan tomeet your various needs. Smaller than the tower heater but just aspowerful.
  • Multi-Protection Safety Features: Includes tip-over and overheatingprotection, safety plugs, and V-0 flame retardant to protect kids andpets. UL 1278-tested, making it suitable for indoor spaces, livingrooms, bedrooms, and offices.Tips: The heater had set to automaticallyshut down for 24 hours to meet US safety regulations.
  • Compact and Quiet: The portable heater has lower than 37dB noiselevels, making it quiet enough for most people to use in a bedroom whilesleeping. Tips: To Aviod the power plug hot, Please securely reinsertthe plug into the outlet. If necessary, have a qualified electrician tocheck if the power plug prongs are intact.
  • Powerful Functions: The electric heater has more smart functions viathe app. Other notable features include the heater's one touch-sensitivepanel, the bottom bracket that supports opening, and a 10° elevationangle to increase the heating area.
  • Supported Thermo-Hygrometer Models: H5104, H5103, H5106, H5075, H5179,H5100, H5074, H5174, H5102, H5051, H5052, H5071, H5072, H5101, H5177,and B5178. Tips: If you need to reach the target temperature to stopheating, go to the app interface and turn on the "Auto Stop" switch.

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Posted on 17 February 2024, 11:15 AM