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$74.39 Bamboo Charcoal Gel Memory Foam Mattress AC +FS

Ebay offers Bamboo Charcoal Gel Memory Foam Mattress for $74.39 (reg. $117.99) after code free shipping.

Apply Code: PRESIDENT20 

Product Description:

Moderate hardness: Our bamboo charcoal memory cotton mattress has a moderate hardness and can evenly support various parts of the body, relieve stress, and conform to the sleep habits of the vast majority of people. Bamboo charcoal gel memory foam mattress uses slow rebound memory foam to release pressure slowly in a short time and balance strength.
Professional packaging / Easy to install and use: Our bamboo charcoal memory cotton mattresses are packaged in roll wrap. After opening the mattress, please allow 24-72 hours for the mattress to return to its original state. Any memory foam will expand faster in a warm room. In cold temperatures, the mattress may take longer to recover from compression. The expansion time of a mattress may vary depending on the surrounding environment.
Bamboo charcoal filled memory foam: Our memory cotton mattress is filled with a proper amount of bamboo charcoal powder, and the high-quality bamboo charcoal soaking solution ensures a clean feeling every night. This gel infused mattress will keep you cool and actively regulate the temperature throughout the night. Our mattress is designed for safety, durability, performance, emissions and content, which will bring you a different sleep experience.
Easy Care / Zipper Design: Our memory cotton mattress features a zipper design in the middle, making it easy to regularly remove the fabric cover for cleaning and easy to operate. The fabric cover is soft and comfortable, making it easy to clean.
CertiPUR Certification: Our bamboo charcoal memory cotton mattresses are certified by CertiPUR in the United States, have undergone independent safety assessments, comply with all applicable mandatory and voluntary safety standards for mattress products, and are free of any harmful substances, allowing you and your child to sleep peacefully.
Material and structure: in order to improve the support and heat dissipation effect, the mattress adopts a three-layer full foam system design, including memory foam, comfort layer and high-density base support foam. The top layer of bamboo charcoal memory foam is designed with higher density and more delicate touch, enabling you to fall asleep in embrace. The elastic support foam completes the bottom design, providing lasting durability and support, allowing the sleeper's muscles to stay relaxed and bring extreme comfort.
Medium firm mattress: a healthy spine needs a suitable gel mattress. Each mattress has been certified by CertiPUR US and does not contain any harmful substances, so that you and your children can sleep safely. The mattress adopts air flow gel memory foam, which can adapt to the micro pressure points of the body and bring higher comfort.
Soothing and decompression: the pressure relieving gel foam in our mattress can naturally take away heat from the body, making you sleep more comfortable at night; The detailed four-way stretching omnidirectional cover is used together with memory foam to optimize its consistency. The gel memory foam keeps cool during sleep. The memory foam that shapes the body contour can reduce pressure points and align the spine correctly.
Suitable for all bed frame: our memory foam mattress is very suitable for any occasion, very suitable for Flat noodles bedstead, flat bed, double bed, children's bed or adjustable base. You can choose the appropriate size according to your bed, and our mattress will protect your sleep.
No glass fiber protective cover: there is a soft protective sleeve outside the mattress, which provides a safe and effective flame-retardant layer around the memory foam, and will not stimulate the skin, cause respiratory problems and health risks to you and your family. CertiPUR US certification.

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Posted on 17 February 2024, 01:46 PM