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Lamu Turntable AC +FS

Amazon offers Lamu Turntable for after code with free shipping.

Note: Clip the extra coupon on the product page

Apply Code: 10LAMU0218

Product Features:
  • Exclusive Original Design: LAMU Heartspin Lazy Susan turntable for refrigerator and cabinet takes pride in its original design, protected by patent (USD995211S). Our exclusive design ensures genuine quality and enjoyment for users.
  • Rectangular Fridge Turntable: LAMU rectangle lazy susan for fridge outperforms traditional round lazy susan turntable organizers in rectangular refrigerators, maximizing space efficiency and eliminating waste in corners. Its 360° rotation makes it easy to find what you need, preventing food from being forgotten.
  • Descartes Heart-shaped Curve: LAMU rectangular lazy susan for refrigerator draws its unique design inspiration from Descartes' heart-shaped trajectory, symbolizing love and anticipation. Infusing love into a product is truly captivating for any life-loving lady.
  • Game Changer: LAMU fridge lazy susan has revolutionized users' perception of traditional fridge organizers and storage. It has indeed become a 'Game Changer'. With LAMU’s help, you can transform your kitchen into a comfortable and organized haven.
  • Suitable for Most Refrigerator: LAMU Clear Lazy Susan Organizer, measuring 15.67''L & 11.73'' W, is designed to smoothly slide forward and rotate with a compact radius, eliminating the need for additional space. Its size is designed to fit most standard refrigerators, with the minimum applicable refrigerator size being length >17.5'', and width >13''.
  • Catering to All Heights: The point at which the lazy susan organizer for fridge, cabinet, table, countertop can be pulled out is incredibly useful for accessing items on the top shelf, especially for short household members.

Category: Home & Kitchen

Posted on 19 February 2024, 07:50 AM