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Wireless Carplay Touchscreen AC +FS

Amazon offers Wireless Carplay Touchscreen for after code free shipping.

Apply Code: 306IWBB4

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Product Description:
  • ✅【Seamless Connectivity, Elevate Your Drive】Transform your drive with Laviay wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto! As you slide into your car, sync up effortlessly with the in-vehicle display, seamlessly blending your smartphone into your ride. Now, your car becomes an extension of your phone – instant access to apps, music, navigation, messaging, and more, making your journey a tech-infused delight!
  • ✅【Smart Voice Command, Distraction-Free Driving】 Experience a hands-free journey where your voice is the driver. With Siri or Google Assistant integration, effortlessly execute tasks without touching the screen. Make calls, send messages, and manage apps, all while enhancing safety and eliminating distractions. Just speak, and it's done – simplicity and safety, redefined.
  • ✅【Safe Driving, 4K DVR Loop Recording】Armed with front 4K and rear 1080P cameras, it delivers detailed dual-screen recordings. The 4K camera elevates smoothness, offering a total, precise, and crystal-clear recording of your drive. When you're in reverse, get a simultaneous peek at both front and rear views.
  • ✅【Accurate real-time location and GPS】Cruise confidently with the 9-inch HD touch carplay screen, delivering precise real-time location and GPS navigation without a second's delay. Let your in-car speakers be your guide with voice navigation. Get live route suggestions for traffic snarls and lane changes, making your journey a breeze.
  • ✅​【Bluetooth/AUX/FM Transmission/Integrated Audio System】Find your perfect beat with 4 awesome modes. Sync up effortlessly with your car stereo using Carplay/Android Auto or good old Bluetooth. Take your pick: Bluetooth, Auxiliary, or FM Transmission—all pumping out loud tunes through your car's stock speakers.
  • ✅​【Intelligent Screen Projection with Auto-Brightness Control】 Transform your car into a mobile entertainment haven! Effortlessly project your smartphone content onto your car screen using Apple Airplay and Android Cast. The extended arm mount lets you tailor the viewing angle and height for the ultimate visual pleasure. Our intelligent system automatically adjusts screen brightness based on external light conditions, ensuring optimal visibility.
  • ✅【64GB Micro SD, Instant Video Transfer】 Built-in 64GB Micro SD card and mobile scanning program bring unbeatable convenience. Watch the playback right on your car's screen, and for crucial footage, download it straight to your smartphone—no need to clear memory or fire up your computer! Automatic overrides guarantee you always have the latest footage on hand.
  • ✅【Works with Almost Any Vehicle and Easy Installation】 Connect it to your phone effortlessly and relish the convenience of CarPlay. Installing it is a piece of cake—no need for disassembly, keeping your car's originality intact. Even if your model lacks a USB port, power it up from the cigarette lighter without hogging space; it has a built-in USB socket for your phone! Shop confidently knowing our CarPlay screen snugly fits into 99% of car models.

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Posted on 19 February 2024, 02:25 PM