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Vakiav Smart Bird Feeder with Integrated Camera AC +FS

Amazon offers Vakiav Smart Bird Feeder with Integrated Camera for after code with free shipping.

Apply Code: VAJI4WAO

Product Features:
  • 【Free AI Identify forever】Vakiav Provide free AI Identify for all users foreverShare lovely moments with friends or families increasing communication and bond, it is a great bird watching gift for whether friends, kids and the elderly.Vakiav smart bird feeder can notifies you of any feather visitors via an app on your phone, it also takes their photos, and organizes them into a beautiful collection to admire and easily share with your friends and family.
  • 【Increase the arrival frequency rate by 50%】The transparent shell of bird feeder allows birds to see the food inside clearly, thereby attracting birds more,Studies have shown that using transparent materials can increas the arrival frequency rate by 50%.
  • 【One Device can be shared with 10 people】Not only the pictures and videos can be share with others, but also the equipment can be shared via app vakiav. That means you can watch live videos as long as shared with this equiment by others.
  • 【1000+ Bird Species Recognition】Capture unique close-ups and recognize over 1000+ bird species with this high-resolution bird feeder camera! You could never get as close to your shy feathered friends as your Bird Camera, Its Only 2cm! With its smart AI bird feeder camera, Vakiav BirdG1 will instantly recognize all the birds that visit you.
  • 【Phone Live View & Squrirel-proof】With vakiav smart bird feeder, You can watch your backyard birds anytime and anywhere. Once you get a notification,open APP Vakiav to close up shoot,and watch live video like you are stand in front of a feather. Every movement of a bird can be clearly seen. Vakiav bird house also have the function of Squrirel-proof. Only need to click the drive button to keep Squrirels away from your bird feeder.
  • 【Real Time Notification 】Vakiav bird feeder with camera will notify you whenever a bird stops by. It's one of those rare notifications on your phone that actually make you feel better

Category: Pet Supplies

Posted on 15 March 2024, 01:11 PM