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30W GaN Mini Charger AC

Amazon offers 30W GaN Mini Charger for after coupon free shipping with Amazon Prime.

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Product Description:
  • iPhone's Best Charging Assistant: With the PD3.0 PPS protocol, boosts iPhone15 battery level from 0% to 58% in just 30 minutes. Say goodbye to the waiting of hours charging, experience the max power charging solution.
  • Tiny yet Powerful: Features small size and folding plug design along with Max 30W charging output. The CUKTECH charging head is incredibly easy to carry and use. Whether you're at home or on the go, it's the perfect companion for everyday life or travel.
  • GaN III Technology: CUKTECH 30W USB C charger uses GaN III Technology. Provides features such as high temperature resistance, radiation resistance, acid-alkali resistance, high strength, hardness and smaller in size compared to the GaN II.
  • Reliable & Adaptable: Adapts flawlessly to diverse and challenging environments. No matter if you're in high altitudes or tropical climates, it excels in every condition.
  • 5 Security Protections: Built-in NTC, minimal transient surge current. Provides overtemperature protection, short circuit protection, lighting protection, overcurrent protection, and overvoltage protection. No sparking when inserted into the socket, and fast charging without getting hot.

Category: Electronics (other)

Posted on 18 March 2024, 02:25 PM