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30" Large Ice Bath Tub AC +FS

Amazon offers  30" Large Ice Bath Tub for after code with free shipping.

Apply Code: PO4IBSPO

Product Features:
  • 【Rapid Recovery】 Experience the rejuvenating benefits of cryotherapy with our portable ice bath tub. Speed up recovery, reduce muscle soreness, decrease inflammation, prevent injuries, and boost immunity. Relieve stress and improve sleep quality for athletes.
  • 【 6-Layer Insulation】 Our ice bath tub is built to last, with a durable outer layer made of polyester, nylon, and PVC, and an inner layer made of pearl cotton and waterproof coating. The ice bath tub for athletes can maintain up to 95% of the temperature for up to 4 hours and withstand extreme weather conditions (-12°C to 60°C) for up to 10 years.
  • 【Increased Capacity, Sturdy, and Portable】The foldable portable ice bath tub with upgraded capacity to 99 Gal for enhanced comfort. The ice tub features 6 support posts that can support 660 pounds of weight, maintaining stability and preventing tipping. Ergonomically designed to enhance your ice therapy tub experience.
  • 【Easy Assembly and Cleaning】 Install our ice bath tub in less than 5 minutes. The ice bath tub requires minimal maintenance and is easy to clean. Simply open the drainage tube on the bottom Easy Flow drainage system to empty the water tank.
  • 【Professional after-sales】Our foldable ice bath tub allows you to enjoy the benefits of sports ice baths and recovery anywhere, whether on your balcony, in your bathroom, or anywhere else.

Category: Sports & Outdoors

Posted on 20 March 2024, 08:51 AM