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Magnetic Stationary Exercise Bike AC +FS

Amazon offers Magnetic Stationary Exercise Bike for after code with free shipping.

Apply Code: 40B6UAHG

Product Features:
  • 【 Intelligent posture adjustment mode 】 The exercise bike is designed with a "POS(Posture Oriented Resistance)" function, making your workout bike exercise more intelligent and automated. The spin bike for home exercise mode will automatically adjust according to the changes in your body posture. When your body leans forward, resistance will increase, burning more calories. When your body sits straight, the resistance will decrease, and the mode will change to leisure and relaxation mode. Let you have a more authentic cycling experience while exercising at home.
  • 【Automatic lifting of armrests and seats】The intelligent fitness bike has a memory mode that can automatically adjust the bicycle exercise machine seat height according to the personnel settings in the program. When exercising, you can also adjust the height of the armrests and seats directly at the position of the armrests without frequently getting out of the magnetic bike or bending down to change.
  • 【Multi-functional armrest design】The position of the cycle bike handle is set in three parts: high, medium, and low, allowing you to freely switch the stationary bike armrest position regardless of the sports mode, which can better coordinate the overall force. The device shelf will enable you to place your digital devices better and directly view real-time data such as resistance mode, time, calories, frequency, distance, etc.
  • 【Rich sports mode experience 】 To provide a smoother workout bike riding experience, the EMS system is technically adopted to enhance the smoothness of the axles. Visually, multiple synchronized Bluetooth sports intensity lights have been added, which will automatically switch the color of the lights according to your exercise status. The exercise equipment app offers outdoor uphill and downhill modes according to your needs, making your cycling more realistic and exercise more efficient.
  • 【Intelligent data tracking】 The stationary bike for home app can record and track personal exercise information, switch between exercise modes, etc., so the bicycle will automatically adjust to the corresponding person's height every time you use it. The built-in multiple road and outdoor sports modes can also be directly selected on your phone, making your indoor bike cycling scenes more diverse.
  • [Detailed simulation of cycling] This product uses an advanced dynamic simulation engine, which can calculate the speed of the bike on different slopes and road surface, and even consider the impact of air resistance.

Category: Sports & Outdoors

Posted on 22 March 2024, 03:10 PM