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360 Photo Booth Machine AC +FS

Amazon offers 360 Photo Booth Machine for after code with free shipping.

Apply Code: SMUO8K9K

Product Features:
  • [360 Photo Booth Machine with ChackTok APP] We have developed a software/app named ChackTok to help you make your own special meanningful DIY videos. ChackTok APP is a real-time media artworks creation and processing software for the 360 Photo Booth Machine. You can add your favorite music as the background music. You can use ChackTok to shoot some special-effect preprocessed videos (Such as Boomerang, Slow-motion, and normal videos), GIFs, photos and edit them with special-effect after.
  • [360 Photo Booth Automatic Spin] Through the Button/APP (ChackTok), you can wireless control the JIYANG 360 Photo Booth Machine by clockwise or counterclockwise. Adjust the length of the selfie stick from 16inch to 63inch, and the angle from 36 degree to 156 degree, and capture slow-motion video or photo from every angle.
  • [360 Photo Booth Machine for Parties] The ring light wth 3 colors lighting mode, and each lighting mode have 10 adjustable brightness. You can make 360-degree panoramic spin videos and fantastic photos, and share them to your social media account instantly such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube,Twitter, and Tiktok etc. NOTE: Please prepare a power-bank (NOT INCLUDED with Standard Accessories) for the ring light. There is a multicolor led strip light for a great party sense of atmosphere.
  • [Support Multi-Device] JIYANG 360 Photo Booth Machine comes with 4 Selfie holders. It supports multi-device, such as different size smartphone, iPad, Go pro, and camera. It's a perfet choice for home parties, large events, weddings, Christmas shows, and exhibitions. Peopel stand on the 360 Spin Camera Booth, it can record every happiness and joyful moments from 360-degree and make the parties full of joy and happiness, more attractive and impression.
  • [Photo 360 Booth for People to Stand on] JIYANG Spinning Camera 360 Booth has a three of sizes to choose for multi people to use, such as 80cm/31.5inch for 2-3 people max 440lbs to use;100cm/39.4inch for 3-5 people max 880lbs to use;115cm/45.3inch for 5-7 people max 1300lbs to use. There are two different package options as honey comb carton box and flight case package. The flight case comes with 4 rollers (you need to install them by yourself) and the honeycomb case comes with a trolley inside.
  • 【User-Friendly Software 】:The booth's user-friendly software allows for seamless customization, including the addition of filters, frames, and digital props, resulting in uniquely personalized photos,other software is just to adjust the lights.
  • 【Exceptional Lighting System】: The booth's lighting system is exceptional, guaranteeing exceptional picture quality regardless of the environment. The integrated touchscreen monitor simplifies photo-taking, enabling guests to view and select their favorite shots effortlessly.

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Posted on 12 April 2024, 09:10 AM