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Xmusk Galaxy Engraved Golden Star Fountain Pen AC +FS

Amazon offers Xmusk Galaxy Engraved Golden Star Fountain Pen for after code with free shipping.

Apply Code: 50B6Q1ZL

Product Features:
  • MASTER NIB - A whole new blade design makes this fountain pen comparable in writing experience to most high-value nibs as major name brands. In addition to smooth writing, slim line size, no skipping, no bleeding, no scratching, it was added extra quenching, and heat treatment for a certain degree of elasticity in order to enjoy a long time writing without breaking the nib and wearing. Ink flow immediately and steady which is a well-performance and elegant-looking pen set you desire.
  • LAYERS OF PROTECTION - All surface treatments are strictly selected to comply with RoHS standards upon solid brass barrels. Taking into account the engraving details and durability, five layers of protection were added to this pen: 3 layers of metal plating with extra hardness, 1 layer of liquid painting, and 1 layer of lacquer. These processes greatly improve the firmness and gloss of the paint surface, providing durability, wear resistance, and never fade features.
  • COMFORTABLE GRIP - "Less is More" was the design direction. Smooth and curved shape surprisingly offers a steady holding for any size of hand no matter for men or women. The ergonomic pen barrel and weight-balanced design help it rest in your hand at the right angle and the weight exerts pressure on the tip for you so that you don’t have to press or push too hard. This will reduce your writing fatigue and enhance your writing experience with solid feeling, adding significance and satisfying tactile feedback.
  • EXQUISITELY CARVED - The moon and stars are considered the symbols of hope, light, and beauty. They are also the direction of human exploration, inspiring people to bravely pursue themselves, keep moving forward, and strive for their dreams; this is exactly the attitude where we start on design and quality control. Furthermore, 0.1mm engraving accuracy, fine lines, ultra-high detail control, and unparalleled surface treatment turn the pen into an excellent craft with a unique feeling of luxury.
  • PREMIUM GIFT SET - This fountain pen is equipped with an ink dispenser; compatible with 3.4mm ink cartridges, and super easy to exchange between dispenser and cartridge; it comes with bottle ink and 2 cartridges in a very well-made gift box. It will be adapted pretty well for your daily journaling, business use, or sketching. The outstanding design and fabrication make it a great value for collection or giving as gifts.

Category: Office & School Supplies

Posted on 28 April 2024, 10:18 AM