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SIMOLIO Portable Wireless TV Speakers AC +FS

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Product Description:
  • Voice Clear RF Wireless TV Speakers (Not Bluetooth): These wirelessspeakers for TV feature voice enhancement and automatic signal controltech, ideal for listening to TV audio clearly without TV sound blastingall the way up; the tone (NORMAL/TREBLE/BASS) can be adjusted tocustomize sound effects to your hearing; perfect wireless TV speaker forhard of hearing seniors.
  • TV Speakers for Senior w/ Long Range Wireless Freedom: This remote TVspeaker is a perfect alternative to wireless TV headphones, freeing yourears from uncomfortable earphones or earbuds. With 2.4GHz Auto FHSStech, these TV speakers wireless ensure easy connection and highfidelity stereo sound reproduction! This wireless TV sound amplifiergives you long range wireless freedom of up to 100 feet in open air. Usethis TV assistive listening device anywhere in the house, evenoutdoors.
  • Optical/RCA/3.5 AUX Supported, Not Just Wireless Speakers for Smart TV:these TV wireless speakers supports digital optical/RCA/AUX AUDIOOUTPUT (all 3 audio cables included), compatible with smart and olderTVs/DVDs/media systems. Connect this TV audio listening device to a PC,laptop, cell phone, MP3, etc and use this small TV speaker as a wiredone. Note: If your TV's optical port is occupied by a soundbar, you'llneed an optical splitter (purchase separately).
  • 2 Adapters & 2 Charging Options: The portable speakers for TVsupport 6 hours of continuous operation on a single charge. 2 ACadapters are included, one for powering the transmitter and the otherfor powering and charging the speaker. The portable wireless TV speakercan either be charged on the charging dock or via the EXTRA poweradapter. It is recommended to remove the battery when not in use for along time.
  • Independent Volume Control & Headphone Connection for PrivateListening: This wireless TV sound box features its own volume control;just turn the big volume knob to get the desired sound level. Forseniors used to late night TV watching, this TV soundbox speaker can behandy. Plug in any of your own wired headset into the headphone jack andmake it a perfect bedside TV speaker.

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Posted on 29 April 2024, 05:13 PM