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iZEEKER 3 Channel Dash Cam AC +FS

Amazon offers iZEEKER 3 Channel Dash Cam for after code free shipping.

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Product Description:

  • Three-Channel Dash Cam: iZEEKER upgraded iD230 offers a wide angle with 170° front + 140° inner + 150° rear. From capturing the road ahead to monitoring the rear and interior of your vehicle, every aspect of your journey is brought to life with exceptional clarity.
  • User-Friendly Design: Simplify installation and stay powered on the go with our detachable car charger, designed for ultimate convenience and ease of use. A 2-inch IPS screen allows for a clear, bright viewing experience and is easy to conceal. The package comes with a 32GB MicroSD card that lets you record and save your driving journey immediately.
  • 🎁NOTE: Starting March 19, 2024, this dashcam model is upgraded to three-channel with a 32GB MicroSD card and it has been inserted into the dashcam's card slot. Please feel free to find us with any questions.
  • G-sonsor& Loop Recording: The built-in G sensor of this dash camera is an important accident witness. It will automatically record emergency locks when a collision or shock occurs. Loop recording automatically overwrites the oldest unlocked file when the MicroSD card is full. (Included. To ensure daily use, please set the G-sensor level to "low" and the Loop recording to "3 minutes")
  • 24-hour Parking Protection: The car camera will be activated when there is a vibration or collision in Parking, and then it will automatically start recording 30s-1min lock the video, and then turn off automatically in case of consuming your car's battery. For safety reasons, the built-in battery provides up to about 5 minutes of video recording. If you want to use it as a 24-hour vehicle monitor, please find our hardwire kit: amazon.com//dp/B0BNKS3662
  • Infrared Night Vision Car Camera for Drivers: In addition to a front camera with 1440P resolution, it also provides an adjustable 1080P cabin camera that ensures greater flexibility and better viewing; The dash camera interior facing camera has 4 infrared LED lights, which can accurately capture the driver and passengers even when the cabin is completely dark.
  • 💌12-Month Full Warranty: Our ultimate goal is consumer satisfaction. Cameras or accessories can be exchanged for free within 1 year. We offer lifetime 7*24 hour technical support. This is by far the most powerful guarantee on the market. If you have any queries, please find us on Amazon or our official website.
  • 📝NO WIFI, NO APP. The rear camera is mainly used to observe the situation behind the vehicle. Compared with most other 480P, 720P has a better experience and higher cost performance.

Category: Automotive

Posted on 01 May 2024, 01:31 PM