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Sky Moon Lightweight Ionic Blow Dryer AC +FS

Amazon offers Sky Moon Lightweight Ionic Blow Dryer for after code with free shipping,

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Product Features:
  • [Innovative Trio-Air Pro Technology] Skymoon’s revolutionary hair dryer is powered by their patented Trio-Air Pro technology. By drawing in air from the bottom, head mesh, and magnetic filter simultaneously, it generates three powerful airflows, leading to a steady wind speed of 23 m/s. This incredible speed is more faster than traditional hair dryers, allowing your hair to dry within 1~5 minutes, depending on length and thickness.
  • [Unique Design & Lightweight] SKYMOON hairdryer weighs only 0.8 lb/382g (Not include cord weight), small and portable, ideal for home and travel. Ergonomic design, it has a comfortable grip and simple buttons, one cold button and auto-cleanning feature make it working like new, Detachable magnetic filter, the tight filter does not allow hair to be sucked in. Portable hair dryer is also safe for kids and pregnant moms.
  • [Advanced Plasma Technology] SKYMOON ionic hair dryer has 500 million ions, making your hair silky without the frizz. Ionic will lock the moisture in your hair and bring your hair natural shine.
  • [High-Speed Brushless Motor & Fast Drying] SKYMOON hair dryer is equipped with a 110,000 RPM high-speed brushless motor, 4 Temps (Hot/Warm/Cold/Hot-Cold circulating mode, Press & hold 3s to active circulating mode ) & 3 Speeds settings. The 4 colors displayed on th LED light correspond to temperature settings of hair dryer. Red indicates hot air, yellow is 50 warm air, blue is cold air, and purple is storm mode with more powerful air.
  • [Thermo Control Technology] SKYMOON's exclusive technology compensates excessive heat by alternating hot and cold airstream, to avoid hair damage. The Thermo-Control microprocessor monitors the air temperature 100 times/s and makes small regular adjustments to avoid your hair from being damaged by overheating. We offer worry-free 365 days warranty and friendly customer service.

Category: Beauty & Personal Care

Posted on 23 May 2024, 07:24 AM