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Over Door Pantry Organizer AC

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Product Description:
  • Applicable Scenarios: The over door pantry organizer can be used inmultiple scenarios at home, storage of kitchen supplies, such as spices,condiments, canned goods, etc.; storage of bathroom supplies, such astowels, cosmetics, skin care products, daily necessities, etc.; storageof table food, such as fruits, nuts, snacks and beverages, due to itslarge capacity and diverse installation options, it can be used toincrease storage space in kitchens, cabinets, living rooms, bathroomsand basements.
  • Large Removable Baskets: The pantry door organizer includes four largebaskets and four small baskets. The large basket measures 15.75*5.9*5.12and the small basket measures 15.75*5.9*2.76, which can be freelycombined and arranged on the rail shelf according to your needs,allowing you to easily sort things by this over the door pantryorganizer.
  • Variety of Combinations: This over the door spice rack can be used asan overall 8-layer storage rack, or disassembled into a 3-layer with5-layer storage rack, which can be installed on the door or wallaccording to personal circumstances.
  • Sturdy Alloy Material: Our over the door spice rack organizer pantryare made of high quality metal material, which is more durable,stronger, rust-proof and stable, ensuring a longer service life anddurability.
  • Notes for Installation: Door thickness <1.77" Maximum size: 16.62"L*5.90 "W*74.41 "H. Note: Please measure before purchasing.

Category: Home & Kitchen

Posted on 29 May 2024, 03:57 PM