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$139.99 Chlorine Tablets for Pools, 3-Inch Size, 50 lb /Bucket +FS

1Sale offers Chlorine Tablets for Pools, 3-Inch Size, 50 lb /Bucket for $139.99 (orig. $199.99) +Free Shipping

Free Shipping

Product Introduction:

To ensure your swimming pool is properly maintained, we are offering a 50 lb bucket of 3-inch chlorine tablets. Designed for larger pools, these tablets help to fight a variety of aquatic contaminants, such as algae, bacteria, and other pathogens. They are perfect for residential complexes, hotels, as well as sport and leisure centers. Such chlorine tablets allow pool owners to reduce the necessity for regular maintenance, offering users an opportunity to enjoy a clean pool without much effort.

Chlorine Tablets Features
  • Large scale coverage: Each 50 lb bucket of these chlorine tablets is designed for efficiently cleaning large pools. This bulk quantity is to be used for commercial pools or large residential pools that have a large coverage area. Rather than refilling the supply multiple times, you will have a sufficient supply for extended periods.
  • Efficient cleaning: The 3″ tablets feature advanced formulation that allows the chlorine to be released slowly and steadily. This ensures optimal cleanliness and clarity of your pool water regardless of the conditions. Since the release in controlled, your pools will require fewer adjustments and consequently, less frequent applications of the tablets.
  • Potent formula: Made from high grade chemicals, these chlorine tablets offer superior sanitation. The potent formula allows for efficient neutralization of all harmful microorganisms. Further, the tablets emit extremely low ash in their action against algae and other bacteria. The result is a clear, safe water to swim in.
Practical application scenarios:
  • Recreation Centers: Perfect for high traffic pools in parks or recreation areas. Since these pools are used on a daily basis, you need a sanitizing system that you can rely on. Using a salt chlorinator will ensure that the pool remains clean and one that visitors to the parks or recreational centers will feel confident to visit.
  • Hotels and Resorts: Perfect to ensure that your pools remains inviting and safe to your guests. Installing a salt chlorinator in your pool may attract more buyers to your hotel or resort and ensure you visitors have an enjoyable stay.
  • Large Residential Complexes: Our salt chlorinators are ideal for a scenario where the pool owners do not have to get up in the morning and clean the pool.odu! Our salt chlorinator is the chemical element that will keep residents and visitors to the complex always happy and using your pool.

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Posted on 30 May 2024, 10:08 PM
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posted by 1Sale Deals
30 May 2024, 10:08 PM