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Operan 300ml Cordless Water Flosser AC +FS

Amazon offers Operan 300ml Cordless Water Flosser for after code with free shipping.

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Product Features:
  • Chieve a Deep Clean and Improve Gum Health: This cordless water dental flosser has a water pressure of 40-120 PSI and 1800 high-pressure water pulses per minute that cleans 99.99% of stains, food debris, and plaque to keep your mouth fresh and whiten your teeth. The water dental flosser cleans teeth 5 times better than traditional water dental flosser and can replace traditional floss picks with less damage to gums and teeth.
  • 4 Professional Modes and Nozzles: The water flossers for teeth has four cleaning intensities: gentle, normal, pulse and powerful. You can choose between a gentle rinse mode to avoid excessive water pressure that can cause your gums to bleed, and a powerful mode that rinses your gums with strong water pressure. Use the 360° rotating, tonsil stone, plaque or tongue cleaner nozzle for a professional cleaning experience. This water dental flosser is designed for braces, bridges and orthodontic.
  • Long Battery Life and Portable Design:This cordless water dental flosser is powered by a powerful eco-friendly battery, the USB rechargeable water dental flosser lasts up to 30 days on a single charge. This dental water flosser is perfect for home, travel, office or business use. This electric flosser is compatible with USB-A and Type-C ports or devices with USB ports, such as power banks, computers.Note: USB cable included, charging adapter not included.
  • Large Capacity Water Tank and IPX7 Waterproof:The 300ml flosser tank is designed to meet the needs of a complete oral cleaning. The gravity ball design of the flosser tube hole utilizes the water in the tank more efficiently. Open tank and removable design for easy cleaning. In addition, this portable water dental flosser is waterproof to IPX7 and the rinse features a double seal ring to prevent leaks, so you can use it in the bath or shower with confidence.
  • Please keep in mind the following precautions when using the water dental flosser:1. Avoid using essential oils as they can clog the conduit, damage the body, and corrode the water main board, affecting the water dental flosser's functionality.2. To prevent water from splashing, partially close your mouth during dental rinsing.3. Ensure that the charging port cover is securely closed to protect it from water and prevent charging issues such as inability to charge or slow charging.

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Posted on 05 June 2024, 06:57 AM